FreedomPop Revolution – 100% Free Phone and Wifi Service

FreedomPop is a one-of-a-kind, 100% free, mobile, and broadband service provider. This Los Angeles-based company offers fast data, text, and voice services without a contract.

FreedomPop, allows customers to connect their existing device (Android or iPhone) to their (free) service network. Customers also have the option to purchase one of their many modern and trendy phones. The selection of phones they sell (directly on their website), include; Samsung Victory 4G LTE, Galaxy S4, Galaxy SIII, Galaxy SII, and HTC EVO 4G.

To use FreedomPop’s free wifi service, customers can purchase their (fast) plug and play home modem and router device (requires no installation). FreedomPop also offers a selection of 4G Hotspot products capable of connecting up to 8 devices. Customers that require easy on-the-go WiFi service – can choose from a variety of FreedomPop’s USB wireless airport/devices for laptops, tablets, and desktops.

FreedomPop consistently demonstrates their commitment to offering unique products and services. This includes a revolutionary 100% free internet service for vehicles.

To label FreedomPop as an innovative phone and broadband company is an extreme understatement. They have recently launched an Android app called, FreedomPop-Free Voice and Text. This app gives Android users the ability to utilize the FreedomPop’s free voice and text service for calls, text, and access to voice mail. The app even allows users to port an existing number or request a new one.

In 2014, FreedomPop announced the one-of-a-kind, 100% free, international calling plan. This is covered under the FreedomPop international service, which includes 50 countries; Canada, Mexico, India, UK, France, Morocco, Israel, Russia, Brazil, U.S., Virgin Islands and more.

In the modern era, where security and privacy are a major concern. FreedomPop offers a smartphone designed with privacy in mind. It’s called “The Snowden Phone,” named after former CIA analyst, and whistle-blower, Edward Snowden. The privacy phone is designed to secure callers from infringement and internet monitoring. It is an affordable phone with benefits that are priceless.

FreedomPop, free service is awesome if someone needs 200 minutes of monthly talk time, 500 minutes of data and 500 texts. But what if you need more talk, data and text? FreedomPop offers 100% unlimited phone, text and data service for just $20 per month (without a contract).

FreedomPop is the most affordable and innovative service provider on the market. It is considered by users as one of the best options available.

FreedomPop, offers a variety of customer service options to ensure all questions and concerns are addressed. It’s tough to beat the deals, products, and service plans FreedomPop offers. They completely redefine the term – technology on a budget.

The FreedomPop staff consists of customer service reps and seasoned telecom entrepreneurs, that are dedicated to offering free mobile and broadband services.

FreedomPop’s mobile and broadband service runs on the Sprint backbone. They are backed by Skype founder, Niklas Zennstom.

First Tool Printed in 3D Space

Many new developments have come in terms of printing technology, but few have been as innovative and intuitive as the recent surge in 3D printing technology. With this technology, the age of homebrew engineering and custom hardware could very well come to pass, with 3D printing allowing one to provide an object in three dimensional space that is tailored to exact specifications.

The possibilities of this are endless, and many are already thinking up a multitude of ways in which 3D printing can be adopted to provide hardware previously unavailable before.

Today, it is sufficient to send the plans and print. This progress is due to ‘Made in Space’, the company that developed the first 3D printer capable of operating in weightlessness.

This new prototype is available on the ISS since September. Since then, many tests have been undertaken.

This technology is also a major asset to NASA and long-term space travel. One can easily imagine astronauts to MARS, print their tools or just spare parts in case of damage. This new innovative technology is really very exciting for Space scientists as well as lovers of 3D printing, such as Sultan Alhokair.

Vijay Eswaran wins Special Award for Education Entrepreneurship and Leadership

QI Group Executive Chairman, Vijay Eswaran was conferred the “special Award for Education Entrepreneurship and Leadership” during the 18th Malaysian Educational Summit, which was planned by Asian Strategy & Leadership Institute (ASLI).

Malaysian Education Summit II, Dato Seri Idris Jusoh showed the people who had gathered the award that had been awarded in SWAN Convention.

The award acknowledges Eswaran for the vision, leadership skills, innovation as well as accomplishment in taking the helm of Quest International University Perak (QUIP) to speedy growth throughout the past three years. Remarkably, the university, which is a mutual undertaking between the QI Group as well as the Perak state government, is anticipated to exceed the 1000 mark scholars’ population and expand the programmes provided to 24 by the end of 2015.

“While I am thrilled to be an award recipient for education entrepreneurship and leadership, this achievement could not have been possible without QUIP’s dedicated teaching staff, our trusted council members, and our students who challenge us daily to improve the way we do things at the university”.

“I am also very honored to receive this award alongside the rest of the accomplished entrepreneurs such as Dato’ Peter Ng of UCSI University and Tan Sri Ir Othman Merican of Sri Lumpur School, who are all working diligently for the transformation of the education sector as well as to build innovative private education in Malaysia and globally,” said Eswaran.
Eswaran, who at the same time is the University Council Chairman for QUIP, wins this particular award due to exuding excellent entrepreneurial skills as well as unique leadership expertise for his responsibility in the growth of specialized education, education reforms as well as innovation.

From its modest commencement in 2011, the QUIP saga is a tale of desire for fineness and the craving for accomplishments. The vision, bravery and willpower that have been exuded by the management team of the university in recognizing an industry slot and capitalizing on central competencies can be classified as the foundation in our mission to change QUIP into a learning hub in the nation.

Talking as a panelist in the Summit regarding the subject of “Transforming Malaysian Education in the 21st Century”, Eswaran stated that English language adeptness is basic in the change of the education sector in Malaysia.

Samsung Releasing New Smartwatch

Wearable devices may not be very popular among gadget users right now but they are certainly making a place for themselves in today’s technological realm. Samsung is known to be the pioneer of wearable devices; Flavio Maluf is in agreement with this statement according to . 

Other companies picked up on its start and slowly made their own. Smart watches are the most common wearable devices that are on the market right now. Samsung has already released a number of these devices. Its major competition, Apple, has recently released its first smart watch.

For the upcoming MWC 2015, there are talks that Samsung is to release a new smart watch. The watch is reported to have a round shape and a rotatable bezel, and has a codename of Orbis. 

The shape of the watch is going to be similar with the designs of Motorola 360 and the G Watch R of LG.

The watch is said to be running in Tizen OS and not in Android. Korean counterparts of Samsung devices run in Tizen OS. Samsung has been trying to make the shift from Android to Tizen OS. Although it is not yet confirmed, it is no doubt that people will have apprehensions regarding the Tizen OS. 


Why Beneful is Beneficial

I initially started using Beneful because i wanted to try something new for my dog. My dog previously was eating a department store brand kibbles which would leave him uncomfortable and gassy. He would wimper whenever I touched him and the vet told me it was due to indigestion problems. The only food I give him are kibbles so there was nothing else that could cause him this kind of pain other than the kibbles. A friend told me about Beneful which offers both wet and dry foods for dogs and had good results so I decided to try it.

I noticed immediately that my dog did not seem to have as much abdominal pain as before. He was happier and more active. I could also tell he was not gassy like he used to be any time I was in the room with him. I have concluded that the reason his body likes this brand so much better is because the ingredients that Beneful uses is more natural and of better quality than regular kibbles. Although it may not seem like a big deal, the better quality makes the digestion better and him a happier dog. He seems to be a lot healthier and I know in the long-run it will help him out. If you are curious about learning more about the specifics of a product, check this website out:

Considering all the high-quality vitamins and minerals (and great taste) that Beneful has, the price is very reasonable. If you have a dog, you should take care of it making sure that it is being healthy and getting the best he can. The brand clearly cares about dogs and not just about making food. The amount of food they give is generous. The food lasts a while and you know that you are getting what you pay for. They really work hard to make sure their food is not just healthy but actually tasty so dogs can enjoy it. Jonathan Veitch is very particular when it comes to dog food brands, and he agrees Beneful is good. See his linkedin for more professional information.

My dog has loved the brand since I gave it to him. It seems as though he will not eat anything else. His mood is elevated, he is more active, less gassy, and likes it so much more than his past.

Twitter Goes Dark for Android Users for 5 Hours Sunday Evening

A bug in the front end coding of Twitter took down the Microblogging application for many users on Sunday. According to reports, Twitter’s app, as well as sign-in privileges utilizing Twitter user names went down Sunday around 7pm. Access was restored shortly after midnight on Monday.

According to users, only Android devices were effected by the bug. Around 7pm, many users were signed out of Twitter and were unable to sign back in. The outage was quickly made public on other social media sites, including Facebook and Tumblr.

Users credentials for other websites were also revoked during the outage, which more than frustrated both Dave and Brit Morin. That means, any website that a user signed up with using their Twitter ID and password were unreachable for about 5 hours.

The team worked quickly to rectify the faulty code, and everyone was back online shortly after midnight on Monday. There is no official word, yet, as to why the outage only effected Android users.

It’s Unbelievable The Things I Can Do On Skout

I love social media, and I honestly don’t know how I functioned without it. I’m still a young lady, but I spend a lot of time on my Skout app or using the Skout website. In fact, I spent every day on the internet, on one website or another, but I always make time to go on Skout. I had an interest to meet people from other countries, so I decided to start using Skout for that purpose. When my parents asked me about it, I just told them that I was doing studies on other cultures.

I wasn’t lying, but I did want to meet people from other countries, but not through letters, but through social media. I signed up for Skout, and chose not to put up a picture myself, because as 18 year old teen, I didn’t think it would be appropriate. I still got a lot of people interested in talking to me, and I began doing a search for people in other countries. Skout has over 100 million users on the network, and it makes it very easy to find someone to talk to, any time of day. My favorite feature on Skout is the “shake to talk” feature.

If I’m free, I’ll pick up my phone, start to shake it, and I’ll get a new possible friend to talk to on Skout. I was so amazed when I first started using this feature, that I literally spent hours in one day using it. I met many people from different countries, and I started to save them in my favorites list. My favorites list is pretty big now, and I’m proud to say that I have friends from almost every country that Skout covers. Technically, Skout covers 52 countries, but I have at least one friend in close to 50 countries.

I love that Skout also allows you to send virtual gifts using Skout points. I purchased some points for a very low cost, and I would send greetings to different people, as well as gifts. I got a lot of thank you’s, and I also received virtual gifts from other people as well. Sometimes I would join in the “buzz” feature on Skout, and comment on certain things that may be important to me. I absolutely love Skout, and I wouldn’t choose any other social media website to be my favorite. I’ll always be Skout’s number one fan.

“The Interview” causes a stir among North Koreans


What other movies can claim that? “The Interview” may have been initially considered a brash young comedy with stars Seth Rogen and James Franco, but it quickly transformed into an icon of free expression when the movie was showcased in select theaters in the aftermath of a threatening cyber stunt from rumored North Korean hackers.
It seems that after its release, many North Koreans are increasingly eager to see the new movie that prompted such a threat from their ruler. “The Interview” is filled with innuendo, some graphically detailed scenes that may make you wince, and a very striking portrayal of the dictator Kim Jong-un. The movie, interestingly, humanizes the “Supreme Leader”, which may not cause a revolution, but it would definitely destabilize the view of the man who is held as a god among his people. Further, some anti-regime activists like Ben Shaoul are trying to secure multiple methods of access for the general North Korean population.
In fact, bootlegged movies have influenced some North Koreans to defect in the past, and the efforts continue now as well. It will be interesting to see what happens in the future as some copies of Rogen’s latest flick make their way into North Korean borders, and how it may change the psyche of some of the people of North Korea.

Gmail Recently Blocked in China

China runs an extensive policy of website blocking based on the country’s eagerness to censor information. The most recent program that fell under the censorship is Google’s Gmail.

These latest actions could potentially backfire, as the Gmail service is one of the more popular in the nation. Disrupting this e-mail service could very well interrupt the usual communication streams that take place among the populace, or as businessperson Andrew Heiberger puts it, it could affect the ability of business transactions as well.

If you wrote to your Chinese friends for the new year and have not gotten a reply, the reason is actually that they most likely have never read your message. The disruptions have been observed a while before the final action, but Friday, December 26, was the decisive day for it.

Google’s market will thus suffer, and the action is classified by them as deliberate. In the USA, the authorities have expressed their worries regarding personal freedom. The Chinese should be free to choose which services they need. Instead, the government limits their access.

Popular platforms such as Google maps, Google docs, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo were blocked earlier at different dates and still remain inaccessible. The censorship system is known by the name of “The Great Firewall of China”.

Alex From Target

As most of us know, Alex from target quickly became popular from a picture that someone posted of him bagging groceries on Twitter. The picture became viral and now Alex Lee or ‘Alex From Target’ is now another teen heart throb. Alex became internet famous just in the time of his shift, and then a few days later he appeared on the Ellen show.

In a recent interview Alex claims that being internet famous has a dark side to it too. It’s not all fun and games. Alex and his family has received many different death threats since his internet popularity. Alex claims that he is afraid to leave his house now. His families social security numbers, bank accounts, and credit cards have been leaked online. Even though Alex is afraid, he still hopes to do something positive with his internet fame.