It’s Unbelievable The Things I Can Do On Skout

I love social media, and I honestly don’t know how I functioned without it. I’m still a young lady, but I spend a lot of time on my Skout app or using the Skout website. In fact, I spent every day on the internet, on one website or another, but I always make time to go on Skout. I had an interest to meet people from other countries, so I decided to start using Skout for that purpose. When my parents asked me about it, I just told them that I was doing studies on other cultures.

I wasn’t lying, but I did want to meet people from other countries, but not through letters, but through social media. I signed up for Skout, and chose not to put up a picture myself, because as 18 year old teen, I didn’t think it would be appropriate. I still got a lot of people interested in talking to me, and I began doing a search for people in other countries. Skout has over 100 million users on the network, and it makes it very easy to find someone to talk to, any time of day. My favorite feature on Skout is the “shake to talk” feature.

If I’m free, I’ll pick up my phone, start to shake it, and I’ll get a new possible friend to talk to on Skout. I was so amazed when I first started using this feature, that I literally spent hours in one day using it. I met many people from different countries, and I started to save them in my favorites list. My favorites list is pretty big now, and I’m proud to say that I have friends from almost every country that Skout covers. Technically, Skout covers 52 countries, but I have at least one friend in close to 50 countries.

I love that Skout also allows you to send virtual gifts using Skout points. I purchased some points for a very low cost, and I would send greetings to different people, as well as gifts. I got a lot of thank you’s, and I also received virtual gifts from other people as well. Sometimes I would join in the “buzz” feature on Skout, and comment on certain things that may be important to me. I absolutely love Skout, and I wouldn’t choose any other social media website to be my favorite. I’ll always be Skout’s number one fan.

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  1. Great post. I have several friends that managed to survive CRNA school and I was stressed just watching them. All nursing students and employed nurses could benefit from this wise advice. I particularly appreciate your suggestions on communication.

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