Twitter Goes Dark for Android Users for 5 Hours Sunday Evening

A bug in the front end coding of Twitter took down the Microblogging application for many users on Sunday. According to reports, Twitter’s app, as well as sign-in privileges utilizing Twitter user names went down Sunday around 7pm. Access was restored shortly after midnight on Monday.

According to users, only Android devices were effected by the bug. Around 7pm, many users were signed out of Twitter and were unable to sign back in. The outage was quickly made public on other social media sites, including Facebook and Tumblr.

Users credentials for other websites were also revoked during the outage, which more than frustrated both Dave and Brit Morin. That means, any website that a user signed up with using their Twitter ID and password were unreachable for about 5 hours.

The team worked quickly to rectify the faulty code, and everyone was back online shortly after midnight on Monday. There is no official word, yet, as to why the outage only effected Android users.

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  1. Twitter took to their official Tumblr page to update users about the outage and apologize. Tweeters who use TweetDeck also experienced oddly dated posts, with many tweets being backdated over a year. It is actually a nice way for to rewrite what they wrote on their offiial page.

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