Samsung Releasing New Smartwatch

Wearable devices may not be very popular among gadget users right now but they are certainly making a place for themselves in today’s technological realm. Samsung is known to be the pioneer of wearable devices; Flavio Maluf is in agreement with this statement according to . 

Other companies picked up on its start and slowly made their own. Smart watches are the most common wearable devices that are on the market right now. Samsung has already released a number of these devices. Its major competition, Apple, has recently released its first smart watch.

For the upcoming MWC 2015, there are talks that Samsung is to release a new smart watch. The watch is reported to have a round shape and a rotatable bezel, and has a codename of Orbis. 

The shape of the watch is going to be similar with the designs of Motorola 360 and the G Watch R of LG.

The watch is said to be running in Tizen OS and not in Android. Korean counterparts of Samsung devices run in Tizen OS. Samsung has been trying to make the shift from Android to Tizen OS. Although it is not yet confirmed, it is no doubt that people will have apprehensions regarding the Tizen OS. 


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