First Tool Printed in 3D Space

Many new developments have come in terms of printing technology, but few have been as innovative and intuitive as the recent surge in 3D printing technology. With this technology, the age of homebrew engineering and custom hardware could very well come to pass, with 3D printing allowing one to provide an object in three dimensional space that is tailored to exact specifications.

The possibilities of this are endless, and many are already thinking up a multitude of ways in which 3D printing can be adopted to provide hardware previously unavailable before.

Today, it is sufficient to send the plans and print. This progress is due to ‘Made in Space’, the company that developed the first 3D printer capable of operating in weightlessness.

This new prototype is available on the ISS since September. Since then, many tests have been undertaken.

This technology is also a major asset to NASA and long-term space travel. One can easily imagine astronauts to MARS, print their tools or just spare parts in case of damage. This new innovative technology is really very exciting for Space scientists as well as lovers of 3D printing, such as Sultan Alhokair.

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  1. After these first conclusive tests, parts will be returned to Earth to study the effect of gravity on the impressions and optimize the process. Previously we had to wait several months a part or an object to arrive at the ISS. It is very good to know that essay papers would be used to do the project once and for all time.

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