Vijay Eswaran wins Special Award for Education Entrepreneurship and Leadership

QI Group Executive Chairman, Vijay Eswaran was conferred the “special Award for Education Entrepreneurship and Leadership” during the 18th Malaysian Educational Summit, which was planned by Asian Strategy & Leadership Institute (ASLI).

Malaysian Education Summit II, Dato Seri Idris Jusoh showed the people who had gathered the award that had been awarded in SWAN Convention.

The award acknowledges Eswaran for the vision, leadership skills, innovation as well as accomplishment in taking the helm of Quest International University Perak (QUIP) to speedy growth throughout the past three years. Remarkably, the university, which is a mutual undertaking between the QI Group as well as the Perak state government, is anticipated to exceed the 1000 mark scholars’ population and expand the programmes provided to 24 by the end of 2015.

“While I am thrilled to be an award recipient for education entrepreneurship and leadership, this achievement could not have been possible without QUIP’s dedicated teaching staff, our trusted council members, and our students who challenge us daily to improve the way we do things at the university”.

“I am also very honored to receive this award alongside the rest of the accomplished entrepreneurs such as Dato’ Peter Ng of UCSI University and Tan Sri Ir Othman Merican of Sri Lumpur School, who are all working diligently for the transformation of the education sector as well as to build innovative private education in Malaysia and globally,” said Eswaran.
Eswaran, who at the same time is the University Council Chairman for QUIP, wins this particular award due to exuding excellent entrepreneurial skills as well as unique leadership expertise for his responsibility in the growth of specialized education, education reforms as well as innovation.

From its modest commencement in 2011, the QUIP saga is a tale of desire for fineness and the craving for accomplishments. The vision, bravery and willpower that have been exuded by the management team of the university in recognizing an industry slot and capitalizing on central competencies can be classified as the foundation in our mission to change QUIP into a learning hub in the nation.

Talking as a panelist in the Summit regarding the subject of “Transforming Malaysian Education in the 21st Century”, Eswaran stated that English language adeptness is basic in the change of the education sector in Malaysia.

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  1. Cooper Daniels | 13th January 2017 at 2:40 pm | Reply

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