Twitter Has Changed How it Handles Abuse Claims

Twitter has tripled the amount of people it has handling abuse reports on its service. Recently CEO Dick Costolo indicated that the company was going to start getting serious with abuse complaints on the system, now it has revealed some of the specific plans it has in place to make that happen.

Twitter says that it now reviews five times as many abuse reports as t did previously. Sultan Alhokair says it’s introduced new tools for users to report abuse, as well as ways for its staff to review those reports. The result is a much more efficient system that allows the company to review more abuse reports faster, making Twitter a safer place for all of its users.

That move might help reduce the number of offenders who manage to get back on the system and cause further damage.

BRL Trust Investors: Honesty, Integrity and Trust

BRL TRUST is a Brazil based Investment company, founded in 2005, which offers a variety of innovative services, including fiduciary services which guarantee safety and reliability to investors, fund administration involving original and structured transactions, controlling and custody of funds solutions for customers, asset management for both individual and corporate accounts to ensure the needs of their investors are met, as well as asset underwriting, underwriting security services in capital market and constantly looking for the best options for qualified investors with your risk profile in consideration.
The quality of standards set by the performances of BRL TRUST Investment led to their customers desire for more diverse services offered, and thus BRL expanded their services to offer the wide range that you can find today. Founded and run by some of Brazil’s highest rated and renowned financial experts like founder Mauricio Ribero, director Rodrigo Boccanera Gomes, and partner-director Rodrigo Cavalcante, BRL TRUST customers can rest easy and be well assured that no matter what investment or financial situation they find themselves in need of help with, BRL TRUST has the answer. For a decade now, customers have seen a steady increase in the services offered for their accounts, and relied on BRL Trusts for all of their financial needs. The level of technical knowledge and discipline displayed by their employees promises that the company will seek out the best options for both individuals and corporations alike. At BRL Trust Investors, their team of experienced and qualified professionals is the largest independent administrator of investment funds in the country of Brazil. Their standards in ethics and respect of the national legal system and interests of clients go above and beyond, and with skilled determination they promise to obtain the best results, developing an internal and external relationship with clients and investors based upon honesty and integrity, and trust.

There Is Now “Instagram” For Doctors

The more popular that social media gets, the more avenues people find to use it with. An app has been created to help doctors treat and name strange illnesses, and it is basically like an instagram account for those in the medical fields.

The app is called Figure-1, and while it can be downloaded by the general population it is highly suggested that you don’t unless you have a strong stomach. According to an article found on reddit and written by, doctors and medical students upload photographs of strange conditions from the cases they are working on to show other people in a similar field via facebook. Flavio Maluf said they are able to define the symptoms and specify what’s wrong with the company of a photograph to match their description. This is a great idea, however I can see where this might invade the privacy of some of the patients involved here.While the concept for this app is a great one, it might be opening Pandora’s Box into a whole new world of gore and grossness on the internet. If modern day horror films aren’t intense enough as it is, these pictures show real life extreme damage to the human body that is not CGI-ed.

Making History in the Hospitality Industry

Christopher Cowdray blended luxury, elegance and the entertainment of the guests with superior hospitality, to ensure the hotel experience, would be an extraordinary stay.
His management ingenuity shone while he coordinated the daily operations of the hotels in the Middle East, Africa, Australia, Asia and London. He wanted to give the guests’ more than a good night’s sleep. He wanted their stay to be memorable and for them to return.

His accomplishments in the hospitality field were rewarded, when he received the Lifetime Achievement Award and an honorary professorship at the prestigious Thames Vallen University of West London.
His experience in the hospitality industry spans more than 30 years.

The hotel Bel-Air in Los Angeles, California is a testament to Christopher Cowdrays’ idea, of what encompasses luxury and hospitality, after the two-year completion of upgrades and renovations.
Entering the hotel premises through a sculptured stone arch, down a winding path, professionally landscaped, to create the feeling of tranquility and romance. The hotel suites have been designed with a breathtaking, individual flavour of understated opulence for relaxation.
The Main Bar Lounge, is a lesson in sophistication and ready for people to discuss business deals in a peaceful enviournment.
The guests’ enjoy their cocktails and other liquid libations with quiet conversation, while they are surrounded by elegance. The choices of sitting in a romantic, cozy Bar Lounge, having afternoon tea on the patio with pastries, or the Bar Alcove is the perfect place, to romance that special someone.

The staffs’ under the Dorchester Collection are trained to do more than handle the guests’ problems. The employees assist the guests any way that is helpful, by also knowing the history of the hotel and the surrounding areas. This included the employees in the back of the house, which is housekeeping, engineers, chefs and all personnel that keep a hotel operating smoothly.

Because using electronic devices is now a standard in everyday life, WiFi is offered to the guests for free.
Christopher Cowdray is the master of combining, great hospitality with luxury, because he knows the guests’ needs and wants are important.



Post to Facebook After Death

If you are like most people, chances are you have known someone who has died who also had a Facebook account. Previously, when someone died while holding a Facebook account the account either remained idle and simple sat frozen in time, or a family member of the person would contact Facebook and have the account shut down. This has all changed now, as Facebook allows users of the service to create a “legacy contact.” said Paul Mathieson. This means, should someone die, their legacy contact is able to take over the account. Whether this is creepy or not is up to you to decide, but it is now an option.

Facebook has decided to to this so the legal contact can post information about funeral services or respond to friend requests and keep just general information updated. It also allows the individual to respond to messages and to read through material that someone might send the person after they die.This can be done through the settings feature on Facebook. Once a person dies though, the legacy contact must prove the person did, in fact die, by requesting the profile to be “memorialized” and then they must provide a scan of the death certificate.

Government Can Read Old eMails Without A Warrant


Six-Month-Old Messages Are Considered Abandoned By The Government

The Internet offers users such diversity; it’s hard to measure the real value of it. Awareness is probably the main asset we receive from it. I mean seriously, I’m not sure how much more aware you can really get if you are anything like Dan Newlin where Twitter is the vein of life. but there are many more to list. The Internet offers the same awareness to the government, and we may not like the awareness they get from it.

A communication law was passed back in 1986, and it extends the Fourth Amendment protection on emails and text messages, but that protection has an expiration date thanks to this law.

If you like to keep old emails, you might want to reconsider. The “180-day rule” might bite you where the sun don’t shine if there’s information in them that could incriminate you in some way. If your emails are kept on a remote server like the cloud, they are fair game for government scrutiny.

Back in 1986 most people didn’t have an email account, so The Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986 slipped under the public’s radar. Some lawmakers are trying to update the law. Most people feel that’s an excellent idea.

Dr. Rohrich: A Treasure in Plastic Surgery


Dr. Rod J. Rohrich, MD is one of the most well-known, respected, and admired plastic surgeons in the world today. Dr. Rod Rohrich’s current practice is based in Dallas, TX, but he has operated on and helped literally thousands of people from all across the world. Dr. Rod Rohrich’s career accomplishments are quite lengthy, but he is only 61 years of age and has absolutely no plans to stop practicing medicine. Dr. Rohrich currently works at UT Southwestern Medical Center. In addition to his plastic surgery practice, Dr. Rohrich also teaches and mentors those who are just getting into the field. Dr. Rod Rohrich also has a lengthy academic career, and has authored many books articles and journals for the field of plastic surgery.

Although Dr. Rod Rohrich currently practices in Dallas, TX, he was actually born and raised in rural North Dakota.  His parents encouraged him to pursue his education aggressively, and he completed both undergraduate and graduate work at an early age. Dr. Rohrich graduated with great honors from both North Dakota State University and the University of North Dakota before he started his pursuit of his medical degrees.
Dr. Rod Rohrich also graduated with honors from Baylor College of Medicine, and completed residencies at both Oxford University and the University of Michigan. Dr. Rod Rohrich then joined the plastic surgery division of UT Southwestern in 1986, and has a great contributor to the staff there ever since.

In addition to his day to day work as a plastic surgeon, Dr. Rohrich has also made great contributions to plastic surgery as a whole. He has served as the President and Chairman of many boards and committees designed to educate and promote plastic surgery to the masses. Dr. Rohrich has also authored dozens of books and publications that serve as a guideline for those learning the practice today. Not only that, but Dr. Rohrich has also authored over 600 articles in the field of medicine.

Not only is he a great plastic surgeon, but his contributions to the entire field cannot be overlooked. Dr. Rohrich has advanced the education and cause of plastic surgery, in addition to serving as a mentor in the field. Dr. Rohrich’s great work has not

Why Choose North American Spine

Pain is serious. If long lasting and persistent, it can change moods, and way of life. Those who suffer from pain want only one thing, that is to be pain free. The problem is that until recently to eradicate pain it meant extensive surgeries and hospitals stays costing thousands of dollars. So, most who lived with pain just simply learned to endure.

There are Options

There are now options to avoid the extensive, intrusive surgeries, and the lost days from work and cost of inpatient stays at a hospital. There are now non-intrusive ways to have spine, neck, and back pain dealt with fast, affordably, and without adding to the person’s pain.

Whether it is a herniated or degenerative disc, pinched nerves, or sciatica issues, North American spine can help. They offer many services and options beyond medications that will help to alleviate, and in many cases erase pain.

Using the Spinal Cord

The specialists and surgeons of North American Spine use the natural canal of the spinal cord to reach and fix the issues that cause their patients pain.

What is done is a full work up of where the pain is and what is causing it. Then the surgeons make a small incision and use the spinal cord canal to get to the right spot to fix the issues.

The Care Cycle

A myth that many hold fast is that all back pain needs surgery. This is not the case. The specialist will assess the pain, how severe and persistent it is, and then recommend a course of action. One will first experience diet alterations in order to aid with weight loss. This will help take pressure off of the spine in the hopes of reducing pain levels.

The next step will to institute an exercise regimen. This will help to strengthen the core muscles as well as remove excess weight. If the patient is still having pain, then chiropractic measures and massage therapy will be instituted. After this step is the more traditional measures to alleviate pain such as medications. Surgery is always a final step.

China’s New Internet Use Law’s Effect on Other Countries

On Wednesday, February 4, China announced it will require all Internet users within the country to confirm their real names and official IDs starting March 1st. Beyond trying to find ways to stop Internet fraud, China is attempting to prevent dissenters in the country who are against its communist regime from speaking out against the government in a worldwide setting where peoples from other countries can then spread the word about China’s actions.

Some critics like Brian Torchin doubt that China has the resources to go after every user who fails to comply, but this change should be a wake-up call to users around the world. After all, if China can force its citizens to comply, what is to stop other governments from doing the same?

What might this mean for Internet users in the future?

A person’s ability to speak freely in any country will be stymied. Some users will self-monitor everything they write in an attempt to protect themselves from being profiled and targeted. Many users will face a higher degree of scrutiny and perhaps intimidation from government officials.

Worse yet, in some countries, users will be incarcerated or perhaps killed for speaking out against their leaders or their country’s policies.

Veitch Builds Community and Leaders

As an author and researcher of culture and history, a Harvard University doctoral graduate, and a husband and father of three, Jonathan Veitch has a proven track record for being successful in whatever he puts his passions behind, and as the 15th President of Occidental College in California, the former Los Angeles native returned home to his roots over five years ago with the desire to strengthen ties between the college and its surrounding communities.

With a focus on renovating campus structures and developing a unique solar plant to generate a portion of the school’s annual power, he has lasted years in a position where several predecessors in his position lasted mere months. Perhaps his success is due to his ability to build the college toward a solid infrastructure and positive community relations, but it is also certainly benefited by his focus on boosting Occidental’s connection with the cultural, civic, and social service organizations in the Eagle Rock area.

Veitch’s engagement with the college community itself is also demonstrated through his commitment to the needs of the student body, even when it comes to difficult topics and issues. When it came to light that there were some sexual assaults on campus last year, perhaps alcohol fueled by student acquaintances, Veitch supported the hiring of a new first-responder compliance officer and a new full-time advocate for victims.

He stated in a 2012 address that he wants Occidental to help them “flourish as human beings.” Veitch endorses diverse cultures, backgrounds, and ideas among the student body, and wants to provide Occidental students with opportunities to go on to successful futures after graduation.