China’s New Internet Use Law’s Effect on Other Countries

On Wednesday, February 4, China announced it will require all Internet users within the country to confirm their real names and official IDs starting March 1st. Beyond trying to find ways to stop Internet fraud, China is attempting to prevent dissenters in the country who are against its communist regime from speaking out against the government in a worldwide setting where peoples from other countries can then spread the word about China’s actions.

Some critics like Brian Torchin doubt that China has the resources to go after every user who fails to comply, but this change should be a wake-up call to users around the world. After all, if China can force its citizens to comply, what is to stop other governments from doing the same?

What might this mean for Internet users in the future?

A person’s ability to speak freely in any country will be stymied. Some users will self-monitor everything they write in an attempt to protect themselves from being profiled and targeted. Many users will face a higher degree of scrutiny and perhaps intimidation from government officials.

Worse yet, in some countries, users will be incarcerated or perhaps killed for speaking out against their leaders or their country’s policies.

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