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Pain is serious. If long lasting and persistent, it can change moods, and way of life. Those who suffer from pain want only one thing, that is to be pain free. The problem is that until recently to eradicate pain it meant extensive surgeries and hospitals stays costing thousands of dollars. So, most who lived with pain just simply learned to endure.

There are Options

There are now options to avoid the extensive, intrusive surgeries, and the lost days from work and cost of inpatient stays at a hospital. There are now non-intrusive ways to have spine, neck, and back pain dealt with fast, affordably, and without adding to the person’s pain.

Whether it is a herniated or degenerative disc, pinched nerves, or sciatica issues, North American spine can help. They offer many services and options beyond medications that will help to alleviate, and in many cases erase pain.

Using the Spinal Cord

The specialists and surgeons of North American Spine use the natural canal of the spinal cord to reach and fix the issues that cause their patients pain.

What is done is a full work up of where the pain is and what is causing it. Then the surgeons make a small incision and use the spinal cord canal to get to the right spot to fix the issues.

The Care Cycle

A myth that many hold fast is that all back pain needs surgery. This is not the case. The specialist will assess the pain, how severe and persistent it is, and then recommend a course of action. One will first experience diet alterations in order to aid with weight loss. This will help take pressure off of the spine in the hopes of reducing pain levels.

The next step will to institute an exercise regimen. This will help to strengthen the core muscles as well as remove excess weight. If the patient is still having pain, then chiropractic measures and massage therapy will be instituted. After this step is the more traditional measures to alleviate pain such as medications. Surgery is always a final step.

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