Dr. Rohrich: A Treasure in Plastic Surgery


Dr. Rod J. Rohrich, MD is one of the most well-known, respected, and admired plastic surgeons in the world today. Dr. Rod Rohrich’s current practice is based in Dallas, TX, but he has operated on and helped literally thousands of people from all across the world. Dr. Rod Rohrich’s career accomplishments are quite lengthy, but he is only 61 years of age and has absolutely no plans to stop practicing medicine. Dr. Rohrich currently works at UT Southwestern Medical Center. In addition to his plastic surgery practice, Dr. Rohrich also teaches and mentors those who are just getting into the field. Dr. Rod Rohrich also has a lengthy academic career, and has authored many books articles and journals for the field of plastic surgery.

Although Dr. Rod Rohrich currently practices in Dallas, TX, he was actually born and raised in rural North Dakota.  His parents encouraged him to pursue his education aggressively, and he completed both undergraduate and graduate work at an early age. Dr. Rohrich graduated with great honors from both North Dakota State University and the University of North Dakota before he started his pursuit of his medical degrees.
Dr. Rod Rohrich also graduated with honors from Baylor College of Medicine, and completed residencies at both Oxford University and the University of Michigan. Dr. Rod Rohrich then joined the plastic surgery division of UT Southwestern in 1986, and has a great contributor to the staff there ever since.

In addition to his day to day work as a plastic surgeon, Dr. Rohrich has also made great contributions to plastic surgery as a whole. He has served as the President and Chairman of many boards and committees designed to educate and promote plastic surgery to the masses. Dr. Rohrich has also authored dozens of books and publications that serve as a guideline for those learning the practice today. Not only that, but Dr. Rohrich has also authored over 600 articles in the field of medicine.

Not only is he a great plastic surgeon, but his contributions to the entire field cannot be overlooked. Dr. Rohrich has advanced the education and cause of plastic surgery, in addition to serving as a mentor in the field. Dr. Rohrich’s great work has not

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  1. Born in the 1950’s, he was raised with a tenacious work ethic and a desire to achieve all that he could in life. Overall, Dr. Rohrich is a treasure to the field of plastic surgery. It is also going to have to help with my paper and also come up with something tangible too.

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