Making History in the Hospitality Industry

Christopher Cowdray blended luxury, elegance and the entertainment of the guests with superior hospitality, to ensure the hotel experience, would be an extraordinary stay.
His management ingenuity shone while he coordinated the daily operations of the hotels in the Middle East, Africa, Australia, Asia and London. He wanted to give the guests’ more than a good night’s sleep. He wanted their stay to be memorable and for them to return.

His accomplishments in the hospitality field were rewarded, when he received the Lifetime Achievement Award and an honorary professorship at the prestigious Thames Vallen University of West London.
His experience in the hospitality industry spans more than 30 years.

The hotel Bel-Air in Los Angeles, California is a testament to Christopher Cowdrays’ idea, of what encompasses luxury and hospitality, after the two-year completion of upgrades and renovations.
Entering the hotel premises through a sculptured stone arch, down a winding path, professionally landscaped, to create the feeling of tranquility and romance. The hotel suites have been designed with a breathtaking, individual flavour of understated opulence for relaxation.
The Main Bar Lounge, is a lesson in sophistication and ready for people to discuss business deals in a peaceful enviournment.
The guests’ enjoy their cocktails and other liquid libations with quiet conversation, while they are surrounded by elegance. The choices of sitting in a romantic, cozy Bar Lounge, having afternoon tea on the patio with pastries, or the Bar Alcove is the perfect place, to romance that special someone.

The staffs’ under the Dorchester Collection are trained to do more than handle the guests’ problems. The employees assist the guests any way that is helpful, by also knowing the history of the hotel and the surrounding areas. This included the employees in the back of the house, which is housekeeping, engineers, chefs and all personnel that keep a hotel operating smoothly.

Because using electronic devices is now a standard in everyday life, WiFi is offered to the guests for free.
Christopher Cowdray is the master of combining, great hospitality with luxury, because he knows the guests’ needs and wants are important.



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