There Is Now “Instagram” For Doctors

The more popular that social media gets, the more avenues people find to use it with. An app has been created to help doctors treat and name strange illnesses, and it is basically like an instagram account for those in the medical fields.

The app is called Figure-1, and while it can be downloaded by the general population it is highly suggested that you don’t unless you have a strong stomach. According to an article found on reddit and written by, doctors and medical students upload photographs of strange conditions from the cases they are working on to show other people in a similar field via facebook. Flavio Maluf said they are able to define the symptoms and specify what’s wrong with the company of a photograph to match their description. This is a great idea, however I can see where this might invade the privacy of some of the patients involved here.While the concept for this app is a great one, it might be opening Pandora’s Box into a whole new world of gore and grossness on the internet. If modern day horror films aren’t intense enough as it is, these pictures show real life extreme damage to the human body that is not CGI-ed.

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  1. Melody Blose | 6th April 2017 at 7:09 am | Reply

    One can only hope that children won’t find out about this as there is some great potential for the app to spread like wildfire among youngsters who are naturally curious anyway. I would also assume that the resume writer did not get everything they want even if it’s possible.

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