PlayStation Launches with Spotify

The transition day has arrived and Spotify has landed in Sony consoles, going beyond just video games. All those Sony Music Unlimited accounts will now become part of the new PlayStation Music Service, based on Spotify.

Sony said its partnership with Spotify will expand its music service to 41 countries instead of the 19 that were available with Music Unlimited, plus they offer better tools to create your own playlists and discover new music.

PlayStation users have long been able to use their consoles to watch movies in both DVD and via online streaming services from Netflix, Amazon and YouTube. Just two weeks ago, Sony launched an online TV service, PlayStation Vue, offering over 50 channels, both broadcast television and cable, at a cost of $ 50 a month.

Spotify has 60 million active users worldwide, of which 15 million are paying subscribers.

Gamers like Brad Reifler has learned that some of the features include the ability to listen to music while playing a video game and players can still hear the gaming sound effects, or pause the game while you change the volume or other playlists.

The service is free with ads or cost $ 10 a month for a paid version without advertising.

Customers who do not yet have a Spotify account can register via the PlayStation. The new application will automatically appear on the main screen, waiting for you to sign on.

Woman Publicly Apologizes on Facebook for Teens Rudeness

The youth of today sometimes do not understand that there are consequences to their actions. They go about their daily lives as though the world owes them something, and they are rude and unbearable at the same time. That is not to say there are not children who behave in the proper way, but far too many are getting out of hand and that is why parents must step up and take care of problems when they arise.

One woman took care of her teenagers immediately when she found out about a problem in a movie theater recently. The two girls were rude and made the movie unbearable to watch for other theatergoers. One woman approached the girls about the problem, but they continued with the behavior. She went to them after the movie and told them a story about how her husband was laid off and this was probably the last movie that she would be able to take her daughter to. She also told them that they ruined the movie for her.

The girl’s brother promptly told his mother about the incident. The mother proceeded to get on Facebook to make an apology to all who were in the theater, especially the woman that approached the girls. She then offered to pay for movie tickets and snacks so that she and her daughter could enjoy the movie without the interruptions. The post went viral on and the woman that approached the girls responded. It all turned out well for everyone, including the girls who got punished. More parents need to take immediate action when their children misbehave because they are the leaders of tomorrow.

Former Twitter Executive Named First White House Digital Officer

President Barack Obama made a ground breaking appointment today by naming the former senior Twitter executive, Jason Goldman as the new White House Chief Digital Officer. While at Twitter, Goldman was a member of the board of directors as well as the former head of the product development section. Goldman’s job is to oversee the White House’s communication network’s entry into the digital age. Former Twitter Head Named to White House

With an increasing number of companies advertising and communicating through digital media, major company executives said it was essential for the White House not only to have an in house advisor to the President but someone to oversee that the White House was keeping pace with the world in how it was communicating with its agencies and the public. A significant number of the world population communicated by way of at least one form of social media and work is being completed through digital means in such an efficient manner, that items such as fax machines, type writers and land lines are foreign ideas to today’s generation. Additionally, the amount of information that one can now research online has made libraries more exotic than practical.

Technology has kept pace by providing newer devices which enable people to communicate and complete work from remote locations with one or two smart phone devices. The trend to a new digital age is being seen in Presidential election fund raising and will become more sophisticated in elections to come.

Apple Pay Might Not Be a Huge Hit

Apple Pay might not quite as large of a hit as Apple had hoped. A recent study found that only 6% of iPhone 6 users have actually used Apple Pay to make a purchase. Given that Apple Pay and NFC payments in general was one of the standout features of the phone, that’s a really small number of people to have adopted service.

Part of the issue may come in customers just not knowing where they can use the service stated While NFC payments are available at a number of different merchants, several merchants have opted to disable the payment service i support of their own mobile payment solution, Current C, coming out later this year. Given the difficulty in confirming if a store takes Apple Pay, many customer may have instead opted to just not try it at all.

Another issue may come in the form of security concerns. Apple Pay uses tokens to make purchases rather than your actual credit card number, so even if your phone is stolen the thief won’t have access to your account information. Many iPhone 6 owners might not know that fact and be reluctant to use the feature in case their phone becomes lost or stolen.

Couple Become Millionaires Off YouTube Channel

A family has learned a way to make even better business than they day jobs, and now thanks to their YouTube channel they have been able to just stay at home and make revenue from their videos being streamed on the channel. What are the videos of, you may ask? They are all of their children playing with toys.

According to an article found on reddit and written by Yahoo!, the parents, Mark and Rhea started their videos in 2007 before even one of their children was born. Mark is the one who produces the movies and his wife both have degrees in communications from college. Since the two of them had a habit of documenting things and creating small blogs and journals, they decided to continue that tradition once their kids were born. Even though their channel wasn’t popular until 2010, it has finally paid off as they now get on average about 3 million new views each day.

Ray Lane says that this is truly the American dream, as both Mark and Rhea are natives of the Philippines and moved to the United States for a better life in 2006. They have now made this blog making and video filming a full time job as they are able to live off the money they make through the website and had no idea that it would take off this well. As of now, they are millionaires thanks to those videos and are both very happy and shocked at their success.

Basketball Players Interrupt Game to Defend Cheerleader With Down’s Syndrome Getting Bullied

Desiree Andrews, affectionately called “Dee”, is an 8th grade cheerleader in the middle school of Kenosha, Wisconsin. Dee also happens to have Down’s Syndrome, but she doesn’t let it hold her back. She was cheering her heart out at a basketball game when some kids in the audience started picking on her and yelling mean things. Three of the basketball players from Lincoln Middle School heard the kids in the audience making fun of her. Paul Mathieson heard that they walked off the court and interrupted the game to yell at the bullies picking on her. “Don’t mess with her,” one of the basketball players told the bullies, and others from the game backed him up, making the bullies stop immediately. The gymnasium of the school where the game took place has been called “Dee’s House” since the incident happened, and the amazing story has exploded across many news sources, including ESPN.

Major Security Flaw Facebook Refused to Correct

Security researcher Egor Homakov, owner of the security company Sakurity informed Facebook a year ago about a vulnerability, which could allow hackers to take over Facebook pages.

Facebook has refused to correct the grounds that the patch would have ended compatibility with a large number of sites using this service, so Homakov posted a tool on the site Reconnect, which exploits the vulnerability and helps hack the accounts according to Marc Sparks.

The flaw doesn’t work directly on the Facebook login page. The vulnerability is within third-party account connections, and it does make it easier for hackers to access the account via third-party websites, like,, Stumbleupon,, Mashable and Vimeo.

Facebook has tried to make the flaw more difficult to exploit for hackers, in a way that does not remove the feature, and they gave some advice to website developers.

“It’s a situation that we understand,” said the social network in a statement sent by email. “Web developers who use Facebook Login can avoid the problem by following our best practices and using the state parameter we provide for OAuth Login”.

Facebook also said that the social network had “made several changes to prevent Cross-site Request Forgery (CSRF) connections” and they were studying “alternatives that preserve the Facebook Login functionality implemented by a large number of sites.”

Success means giving back to the community for Bruce Levenson

Without a shadow of a doubt Bruce Levenson could only be described as a success story of the business world, from leading the way with the use of technology to provide information and analytics to many industries to his philanthropic programs Levenson has been successful. Despite the success he has achieved Levenson has remained a supporter of the area he grew up in around the city of Washington DC and the state of Maryland. Levenson has been a large supporter of the I have a Dream Foundation in Washington DC and has tried to make sure the people of the area living on low incomes are able to live the best life possible through education and other opportunities.

As Bruce Levenson was achieving his success he did so largely while based in the Washington DC area, with Levenson being employed at the Washington Star when he studied for a law degree at the city’s American University. It was in Washington DC that Levenson and partner Ed Peskowitz embarked on the founding of the Oil Express newsletter in a store room, according to legend (and his Wikipedia article). From the founding of the Oil Express the United Communications Group, now better known as UCG, a company that has led to a number of other companies being formed, including the GasBuddy app.

The opening of the School for Philanthropy and Non Profit Leadership at the University of Maryland will probably leave the longest lasting mark of the work of Bruce and Karen Levenson. The school is designed to allow students interested in social entrepreneurship to be immersed in the subject at undergraduate and graduate levels. Amongst the objectives of this school is the high level of practical work the students undertake working with programs within the Washington DC and Maryland area. As the reach of the school is expanded the students will embark on work with programs at a global level that will include the chance to work in areas of Africa and India to bring the latest techniques and theories to the programs being operated in these areas.

Police Investigate Snapchat Video Posted by Students

Police are investigating a video that was posted to the Snapchat social network.  Doctors say that the video reportedly depicts three students bullying a special needs student.

Students at Greece Athena high school alerted the principal that a video showing a group of students harassing another student in the restroom had been posted to Snapchat. The video shows the three students putting a fourth student into a “compromising position.”

It is not the first time that at least one of the students has been investigated by the school for their behavior. One of the students involved is reportedly the same student who was video taped harassing bus monitor Karen Klein back in 2012.

“You’re so ugly that your kids should just kill themselves,” was one of the taunts toward Klein, whose son committed suicide a decade ago.

The school principal contacted Greece, NY police authorities who are working together to determine if a crime had been committed. Most of the students who knew of the incident learned about it on social media websites. The school district has asked for students to refrain from discussing the incident, particularly through social media networks.


The Antique Wine Company: A Full Service Luxury Wine Merchant

Founded in 1982 by Stephen Williams, the Antique Wine Company is a wine merchant based in London, England. The company focuses on bringing rare and fine wines to their discerning clients, a service they are able to provide due to the excellent relationship they have with different wine makers, estates and chateaus.
The Antique Wine Company spans 70 countries and boasts a clientele more than 20,000 strong, making their collections and expertise highly coveted. Also included in the services they provide are cellar planning, private wine master classes and sourcing the rarest wines for their clients. The Antique Wine Company will also aid clients in the selling of their own fine wines, by managing the transaction and ensuring a reasonable price is fetched. Another service for the clients is investment advice. The company will aid prospective wine investors in choosing sound places to invest their money within the industry. The Antique Wine Company truly is a full-service operation.
As the name describes, the Antique Wine Company deals primarily antique, vintage wines, however their product range does include contemporary wines which they have determined have a capability of becoming an antique wine of the future.
An international presence, the Antique Wine Company trades fine wines around the world and recently expanded to include markets in Asia and Manila, Philippines.
The official homepage is a good place to visit if you are indeed considering hiring the Antique Wine Company for any of their services. Of course, you can also purchase a fine bottle of wine through their website and have it delivered in time for your next party.