The Basics of Contributing to Wikipedia

The other day, I needed some information on an individual topic. I searched without success. Then I decided to check out on Wikipedia. I rarely used the site. To my surprise, I got every single detail that I needed for my topic. I decided that I will be contributing to the site as well. I would also like you to be adding to the site. You don’t need to be a geek to it you can correct misspelled words, add in citations and references as well. The following simple steps provided by Jamie Benson from Get Your Wiki, a company that makes Wikipedia articles for businesses, will guide if you want to contribute to the Wikipedia site.


 On the Wikipedia page, click the Edit button. The parts that need editing will be displayed for you to start contributing.
 After you edit, ensure that you go through your work to correct any mispelt words and add any information that is relevant, and you feel its missing.
 If you are satisfied that your job will be helpful to the other users, click on the Save button. At times, people contribute on Wikipedia and forget to preview. Click on the show preview button, and you will see every contribution you have made.
There are other times you might want to add a URL or format the URL. You will be able to do this by entering the URL you desire to be part of the page. There is a subsection and a section devoted for you to add the URL.
Do not take sides, be neutral. Site your references correctly. The reason most people term Wikipedia as unreliable is because most contributors do not cite their sources well. This includes in citations.
I have a Wikipedia account. This will enable you to contribute efficiently. The user account will also allow you to track the changes you make to the site. Because I have a user account, I have editing options and advanced preferences too.
Do not be afraid to make any change. What you might fear to add may be what someone is looking for. Be careful though. Do not add exaggerated ideas that will be being reckless and not bold. One more thing, most women do not contribute to Wikipedia sites. Studies show that only 13% women do help.
The Wikipedia page is organized well, so any areas that need corrections are highlighted. Explore the Wikipedia to find these areas. You will have fun editing Wikipedia articles, I do.

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