The Apple Watch – Is It A Nefarious Scheme?

The Apple Watch, is it simply Apple’s latest technology or is it part of a devious scheme to make people purchase more iPhones?

Well of course Apple wants people to purchase it’s products. Is there any company on earth who doesn’t want to sell their products? Of course not! That’s how they stay in business and make a profit. However I don’t agree with the notion that the new Apple Watch was created solely to induce people to buy the iPhone. Why? Because generally speaking I don’t think that people who own a Samsung Galaxy or other smartphone are going to go out and buy the watch. In my opinion most of the people who are in the market to purchase the watch are going to own an iPhone already.

So Ricardo Guimarães BMG says if you want to buy and Apple watch to track your fitness, look cool, use at the cash register and accomplish everything else you can use it for then good for you! And if you choose not to for any reason then that’s okay too.

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  1. Daniel Fletcher | 28th April 2018 at 9:50 am | Reply

    In the event that you need the watch this is on the grounds that you have utilized Apple items previously, you like the way they work and now you need the their most up to date helpful contraption to add to your accumulation. It might have been that what they like to know and I like it that.

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