Success means giving back to the community for Bruce Levenson

Without a shadow of a doubt Bruce Levenson could only be described as a success story of the business world, from leading the way with the use of technology to provide information and analytics to many industries to his philanthropic programs Levenson has been successful. Despite the success he has achieved Levenson has remained a supporter of the area he grew up in around the city of Washington DC and the state of Maryland. Levenson has been a large supporter of the I have a Dream Foundation in Washington DC and has tried to make sure the people of the area living on low incomes are able to live the best life possible through education and other opportunities.

As Bruce Levenson was achieving his success he did so largely while based in the Washington DC area, with Levenson being employed at the Washington Star when he studied for a law degree at the city’s American University. It was in Washington DC that Levenson and partner Ed Peskowitz embarked on the founding of the Oil Express newsletter in a store room, according to legend (and his Wikipedia article). From the founding of the Oil Express the United Communications Group, now better known as UCG, a company that has led to a number of other companies being formed, including the GasBuddy app.

The opening of the School for Philanthropy and Non Profit Leadership at the University of Maryland will probably leave the longest lasting mark of the work of Bruce and Karen Levenson. The school is designed to allow students interested in social entrepreneurship to be immersed in the subject at undergraduate and graduate levels. Amongst the objectives of this school is the high level of practical work the students undertake working with programs within the Washington DC and Maryland area. As the reach of the school is expanded the students will embark on work with programs at a global level that will include the chance to work in areas of Africa and India to bring the latest techniques and theories to the programs being operated in these areas.

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  1. Levenson has as of late been working intimately with his better half Karen to guarantee the heritage of his prosperity is felt in Washington DC and crosswise over Maryland. That is an excellent way for to harness much of these things too which might not be far from the truth.

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