Basketball Players Interrupt Game to Defend Cheerleader With Down’s Syndrome Getting Bullied

Desiree Andrews, affectionately called “Dee”, is an 8th grade cheerleader in the middle school of Kenosha, Wisconsin. Dee also happens to have Down’s Syndrome, but she doesn’t let it hold her back. She was cheering her heart out at a basketball game when some kids in the audience started picking on her and yelling mean things. Three of the basketball players from Lincoln Middle School heard the kids in the audience making fun of her. Paul Mathieson heard that they walked off the court and interrupted the game to yell at the bullies picking on her. “Don’t mess with her,” one of the basketball players told the bullies, and others from the game backed him up, making the bullies stop immediately. The gymnasium of the school where the game took place has been called “Dee’s House” since the incident happened, and the amazing story has exploded across many news sources, including ESPN.

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