Couple Become Millionaires Off YouTube Channel

A family has learned a way to make even better business than they day jobs, and now thanks to their YouTube channel they have been able to just stay at home and make revenue from their videos being streamed on the channel. What are the videos of, you may ask? They are all of their children playing with toys.

According to an article found on reddit and written by Yahoo!, the parents, Mark and Rhea started their videos in 2007 before even one of their children was born. Mark is the one who produces the movies and his wife both have degrees in communications from college. Since the two of them had a habit of documenting things and creating small blogs and journals, they decided to continue that tradition once their kids were born. Even though their channel wasn’t popular until 2010, it has finally paid off as they now get on average about 3 million new views each day.

Ray Lane says that this is truly the American dream, as both Mark and Rhea are natives of the Philippines and moved to the United States for a better life in 2006. They have now made this blog making and video filming a full time job as they are able to live off the money they make through the website and had no idea that it would take off this well. As of now, they are millionaires thanks to those videos and are both very happy and shocked at their success.

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