Apple Pay Might Not Be a Huge Hit

Apple Pay might not quite as large of a hit as Apple had hoped. A recent study found that only 6% of iPhone 6 users have actually used Apple Pay to make a purchase. Given that Apple Pay and NFC payments in general was one of the standout features of the phone, that’s a really small number of people to have adopted service.

Part of the issue may come in customers just not knowing where they can use the service stated While NFC payments are available at a number of different merchants, several merchants have opted to disable the payment service i support of their own mobile payment solution, Current C, coming out later this year. Given the difficulty in confirming if a store takes Apple Pay, many customer may have instead opted to just not try it at all.

Another issue may come in the form of security concerns. Apple Pay uses tokens to make purchases rather than your actual credit card number, so even if your phone is stolen the thief won’t have access to your account information. Many iPhone 6 owners might not know that fact and be reluctant to use the feature in case their phone becomes lost or stolen.

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