Former Twitter Executive Named First White House Digital Officer

President Barack Obama made a ground breaking appointment today by naming the former senior Twitter executive, Jason Goldman as the new White House Chief Digital Officer. While at Twitter, Goldman was a member of the board of directors as well as the former head of the product development section. Goldman’s job is to oversee the White House’s communication network’s entry into the digital age. Former Twitter Head Named to White House

With an increasing number of companies advertising and communicating through digital media, major company executives said it was essential for the White House not only to have an in house advisor to the President but someone to oversee that the White House was keeping pace with the world in how it was communicating with its agencies and the public. A significant number of the world population communicated by way of at least one form of social media and work is being completed through digital means in such an efficient manner, that items such as fax machines, type writers and land lines are foreign ideas to today’s generation. Additionally, the amount of information that one can now research online has made libraries more exotic than practical.

Technology has kept pace by providing newer devices which enable people to communicate and complete work from remote locations with one or two smart phone devices. The trend to a new digital age is being seen in Presidential election fund raising and will become more sophisticated in elections to come.

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