Woman Publicly Apologizes on Facebook for Teens Rudeness

The youth of today sometimes do not understand that there are consequences to their actions. They go about their daily lives as though the world owes them something, and they are rude and unbearable at the same time. That is not to say there are not children who behave in the proper way, but far too many are getting out of hand and that is why parents must step up and take care of problems when they arise.

One woman took care of her teenagers immediately when she found out about a problem in a movie theater recently. The two girls were rude and made the movie unbearable to watch for other theatergoers. One woman approached the girls about the problem, but they continued with the behavior. She went to them after the movie and told them a story about how her husband was laid off and this was probably the last movie that she would be able to take her daughter to. She also told them that they ruined the movie for her.

The girl’s brother promptly told his mother about the incident. The mother proceeded to get on Facebook to make an apology to all who were in the theater, especially the woman that approached the girls. She then offered to pay for movie tickets and snacks so that she and her daughter could enjoy the movie without the interruptions. The post went viral on Mashable.com and the woman that approached the girls responded. It all turned out well for everyone, including the girls who got punished. More parents need to take immediate action when their children misbehave because they are the leaders of tomorrow.

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