The Apple Watch – Is It A Nefarious Scheme?

The Apple Watch, is it simply Apple’s latest technology or is it part of a devious scheme to make people purchase more iPhones?

Well of course Apple wants people to purchase it’s products. Is there any company on earth who doesn’t want to sell their products? Of course not! That’s how they stay in business and make a profit. However I don’t agree with the notion that the new Apple Watch was created solely to induce people to buy the iPhone. Why? Because generally speaking I don’t think that people who own a Samsung Galaxy or other smartphone are going to go out and buy the watch. In my opinion most of the people who are in the market to purchase the watch are going to own an iPhone already.

So Ricardo Guimarães BMG says if you want to buy and Apple watch to track your fitness, look cool, use at the cash register and accomplish everything else you can use it for then good for you! And if you choose not to for any reason then that’s okay too.

Google’s “Project Loon” Balloons Can Provide Cell Service To a Whole State

Google is developing balloons that can work as cell towers for entires states. Its “Project Loon” takes large balloons and puts them in the air to provide cellular service for an area. The project has reportedly reached a point where a single balloon can handle 4G coverage for an area the size of Rhode Island.

Sergio Cortes wants to know why anyone want an internet balloon? The balloons could be used places where cell towers don’t exist. Think third world countries. They could also be deployed during natural disasters where a city’s existing framework has taken a significant hit. For instance, after a larger earthquake or flood.

The neat thing about Project Loon is that its balloons don’t take up any space. The balloons are actually made up of two balloons, an inner ballon filled with air, and an outer balloon filled with helium. The altitude of the balloon is changed by inflating and deflating the middle air-filled balloon. Once in the air, the balloons can stay up for at least 100 days.

The Basics of Contributing to Wikipedia

The other day, I needed some information on an individual topic. I searched without success. Then I decided to check out on Wikipedia. I rarely used the site. To my surprise, I got every single detail that I needed for my topic. I decided that I will be contributing to the site as well. I would also like you to be adding to the site. You don’t need to be a geek to it you can correct misspelled words, add in citations and references as well. The following simple steps provided by Jamie Benson from Get Your Wiki, a company that makes Wikipedia articles for businesses, will guide if you want to contribute to the Wikipedia site.


 On the Wikipedia page, click the Edit button. The parts that need editing will be displayed for you to start contributing.
 After you edit, ensure that you go through your work to correct any mispelt words and add any information that is relevant, and you feel its missing.
 If you are satisfied that your job will be helpful to the other users, click on the Save button. At times, people contribute on Wikipedia and forget to preview. Click on the show preview button, and you will see every contribution you have made.
There are other times you might want to add a URL or format the URL. You will be able to do this by entering the URL you desire to be part of the page. There is a subsection and a section devoted for you to add the URL.
Do not take sides, be neutral. Site your references correctly. The reason most people term Wikipedia as unreliable is because most contributors do not cite their sources well. This includes in citations.
I have a Wikipedia account. This will enable you to contribute efficiently. The user account will also allow you to track the changes you make to the site. Because I have a user account, I have editing options and advanced preferences too.
Do not be afraid to make any change. What you might fear to add may be what someone is looking for. Be careful though. Do not add exaggerated ideas that will be being reckless and not bold. One more thing, most women do not contribute to Wikipedia sites. Studies show that only 13% women do help.
The Wikipedia page is organized well, so any areas that need corrections are highlighted. Explore the Wikipedia to find these areas. You will have fun editing Wikipedia articles, I do.

Taylor Swift Video Clip Goes Viral

A recent video of singing sensation Taylor Swift has gone viral, but not for he reasons most people would believe. The clip shows a member of Swift’s security team forcing the singer to walk backwards in order to avoid paparazzi.

The video shows Swift attempting to leave a private residence. Her bodyguard can be seen using one arm to put space between his client and the eager photographer. The security agent is using his other arm to guide Swift, who is walking backwards to a vehicle. Swift can be seen turning toward the vehicle and the direction of the photographer during the last second of the clip.

The “Shake It Off” singer opened up to Esquire magazine about the price of fame, late last year Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG had said.

Swift explained to the magazine that her security team has kept a file regarding the men that hound not just her, but family members as well.

“They’ve showed up at my house. They’ve showed up at my mom’s house. They have threatened to kill or kidnap me, and some have wanted to marry me.”

Swift, who rose to fame on the country music market at the age of fifteen, told Esquire that she had recently been forced to take more pro-active measures to ensure her safety.

The Dress to Impress

By now, unless you live under a rock you’ve heard the madness over “The Dress.” The dress, which appears black and blue to some, and white and gold to others, has everything to do with the pixels on your computer or the rods and cones in your eyes and a bunch of scientific mumbo jumbo that most aren’t interested in.

As much of a stir as this simple internet blog post has caused, some good things have come out of it!For one, Halloween costumes! You can expect several versions to be popping up this year in October, and it’s bound to be the hit of the party said Marc Sparks. Was this a marketing ploy for an otherwise ugly dress that wouldn’t have sold? Perhaps it was, and if so, well played dress maker.

You can definitely find many entertaining posts about #thedress and get a laugh or two. If you want to get your dress for Halloween you better do it quick!