Keyboard Typing Patterns Used to Detect Disease

A new study being discussed by Reddit users from earlier this month by Madrid-MIT M+Vision Consortium researchers seems to suggest that there is a possible way to detect Parkinson’s and other diseases by reviewing people’s computer keystroke patterns. Every person’s typing ability depends on their hand motor function. Keystroke pattern changes can indicate a medical problem with motor function in the hands, nervous system or the brain.

The researchers used a computer algorithm to specifically look at the differences in key hold length patterns between 14 volunteers who typed a random Wikipedia article at night when extremely tired because they were awakened multiple times after sleeping for only 70 to 80 minutes and those who typed during the day after restful sleep.

The researchers also looked at 21 Parkinson’s patients and 15 healthy individuals. Paul suggests that the preliminary results showed “greater variation” seen in the Parkinson’s patients. Parkinson’s patients begin to significantly lose motor function within the first five years of the disease. The results suggest that doctors will one day be able to use this as a medical tool in diagnosing Parkinson’s disease long before other types of noticeable changes occur, such as severe memory loss, trembling, shaking and muscle weakness, which often don’t appear until after the first five years and up to as long as 10 years after the disease has started to cause irreversible damage.

NBC investigation into Brian Williams leaked

A number of major media outlets, including The New York Times and CNN have reported receiving leaked information about an internal investigation into the reporting of news anchor Brian Williams, Media Lite reports. Williams is currently serving a six month suspension from his role as the main news anchor for NBC after it was revealed he fabricated a story about his role in an Iraq War incident where a helicopter was shot down. Details of the investigation by NBC have not yet been revealed, but the leaked information reveals 11 instances have been discovered where Williams is thought to have embellished his role in the story he was reporting.

One of the most commonly quoted is now an incident during the 2011 Arab Spring uprising, which saw Williams reporting from Egypt’s Tahrir Square. Following the revelations by a number of military veterans involved in the helicopter story that Williams was not on board the chopper as he reported the anchor was suspended from his role at NBC. Media magazine expert Handy now believes NBC is testing public opinion over its chances of relieving Williams of his position and terminating his multi million dollar contract to front NBC’s nightly news segments.

Theranos Lans Scrutinized Regarding Holmes Invention

Theranos, a company with the reputation for lower priced, faster, and better lab results is making the press, based on their innovative approach to blood testing. Founded by Elizabeth Holmes in 2003, Theranos has led the way for blood testing. As much buzz as this has made, the current news is contrary. Holmes is now listed on the Forbes billionaire list and Theranos has an estimated worth of greater than $9 billion.

The big question comes about as to how Holmes invention works. As reported in Business Insider, David Koch, MD and president of the American Association for Clinical Chemistry, stated that it is impossible to say how good this is going to work due to lack of evidence to review. There are no peer-reviewed studies, which compare traditional tests to Theranos lab tests. Jaime Garcia Dias has reasonably looked at this with a skeptical eye. In an effort to protect intellectual property, there are no independent experts allowed lab access.

A representative of Theranos has reported to the Business Insider that they have called for an “unprecedented level of review with the FDA,” further citing that they are not obligated to do this. The outcome remains to be seen. Theranos labs are currently in 41 of 8,000 Walgreen’s in the US. Tests are being conducted for GlaxoSmithKline and Pfizer as well as several hospitals systems. Revenue is also gained from the Cleveland Clinic and the US military. Labs are all certified and operate clinically.

Alignment in Radiology

Hospital-radiology alignment is a growing concern across the healthcare industry. Better methods by which to achieve important objectives are being presented in the US, hospitals and radiologists attempting to provide the the best possible patient care. Health-care stakeholders, legislators, insurers,and regulators are increasingly occupied with radiology due to requested service improvements and implementation of mechanisms increasing cost-controls. Hospitals employing primary care and specialty physicians for increased efficiency and better health care. Radiology has not been traditionally considered an mandatory in-house service, as others such as blood labs.

Radiologists are unanimously supportive of alignment, however, the exact methodology is not exactly known. Radiology Associates of Canton have gone on record with concerns, and have formed a contractual arrangement that gives certain responsibilities to the group that would have been under the jurisdiction of the hospital. Radiology groups are now strategically planning, in union with investors, to fund more alignment agreement projects between radiologists and physician groups. The practical benefit of this can be found in faster turnarounds for the hospital, as well as radiologists. A common radiological request for better equipment budgets is an example of one reason as to why radiologists may not meet the demands of today’s rapid healthcare needs. Tackling problems like this will ensure elimination of a mutual dissatisfaction between the hospitals and radiology departments.

Hospitals and radiology departments are eager to discuss co-management for other reasons. There are additional sources of compensation to be gained from these agreements. Security for long-term contractual agreements between radiology and hospitals. Hospitals are able to issue tax exempt bonds for on-site radiology services and this satisfies specific tax requirements regarding the issuing of the bonds. These tax-exempt bonds are not allowed in the case of outpatient cases requiring radiology. Separate contracts issued for outpatient radiology providers may also facilitate more participation and control amongst providers and radiologists alike.

As a leading provider of radiology services, Imaging Advantage understands the need for better provider – specialty provider relationships. Offering a multitude of providers different forms of radiology and teleradiology, facilitating beneficial contracts between hospitals and radiologists is integral better patient care. Unique radiology billing models not only increase effective patient care, but also allow hospitals and providers a feeling of greater transparency existing within the partnerships. Knowing that now every provider if going to need the same level service is part of Imaging Advantages unique appeal. Imaging Advantage’s specially tailored programs give providers the flexibility they need to provide the best patient care without delayed turnaround and confusion.

Michael Buble Posts Controversial Photo

Michael Buble is a famous singer from Canada, and he is loved by many people across the world. Buble is known for his tremendous singing ability, and he is also known as being a distinguished man. However, Michael Buble has recently been accused of shaming a woman’s body. Not too long ago, Michael was at a diner in Louisiana with his wife, and that’s when the couple spotted a girl with really short shorts on. Michael’s wife snapped a photo with Michael in it, and then he posted the photo on Instagram. Many fans were angry at the picture, and some people even called him disgusting. Michael tried to fix the situation, and he wanted fans to know that he was just joking. He told his fans that a woman’s body should be honored and respected. Michael Buble wants the world to know that he was joking.

YellowPages said that when Michael initially posted the photo on Instagram, he hashtaged the comment “#babygotback,” and that comment infuriated people. Fans of Michael Bubles said that he disrespected that women, and he’s making fun of her. However, Michael said that her butt is eating those shorts. Honestly, Michael’s fans are making this a huge deal for no reason. Also, that girl shouldn’t have been wearing those shorts in the first place. For more information on this story, and to see Michael’s Instagram picture, visit Yahoo!

7 Things You Can Do to Fight Aging Naturally

It’s not the latest anti-aging pill, cream or procedure that will keep you looking and feeling young, but a lifetime of doing certain things. Just as frequent sun exposure ages the skin, avoiding the sun will help skin remain clear, smooth and youthful looking. This is why Kevin Seawright reads everything when it comes to health. These other 7 things will also help you fight aging naturally to keep your mind, body and spirit feeling younger than your chronological age.
* Get enough sleep. The mind and body rejuvenates itself during sleep and lack of sleep increases the risk of heart attack and stroke.
* Regular exercise increases muscles tone, strengthens bones, improves blood flow to internal organs and skin and helps keep weight within a normal range. Exercise also reduces stress and improves the mood.
* You are what you eat, so eat healthy to fight aging. A well-balanced diet helps strengthen the immune system and promotes overall good health.
* Use your brain so you don’t lose it. Provide your brain with regular stimulation by learning new things. This will help deter age-related memory loss.
* Spend time with family and friends to avoid feelings of loneliness. Join a club or group to make new friends and learn new things.
* Mediation helps to calm your mind and body, thus slowing down the aging process.
* Have hormonal levels checked. When hormones are out of balance, so is the rest of our body. Sleep and eating disorders, stress, memory loss and a weakened immune system can all be a result of unbalanced hormones and will speed up the aging process.

Florence Welch, Broken Foot?

While doing a major performance over this past weekend the singer Florence Welch tripped and fell off stage. Sorry Florence but that is so embarrassing. Even though multiple of our celebrities have fell off stage while performing, it still doesn’t change the fact that we all still love them. Hey every one falls some times right? No harm done.

At least no harm, except for Florence Welch. Following her post after the performance at Coachella, and her leaping off stage, she had decided to share a photo with her followers of the x-ray. With using the x-ray as proof, Florence explains the incident has unfortunately broken her foot, which bummed Ricardo Tosto out a bit. It is unfortunate that Florence is going to have to stay off her feet for a while, so any upcoming performances of her band will have to be rescheduled. That is unless she decided to do her performance on crutches. Which in that case let the party begin. Before we know it she will be back on stage, foot healed and ready to rock.

“Success Kid” Lives Up to His Name – Helps to Save Dad’s Life

Internet sensation “Success Kid”, also known as now 8-year-old Sam Griner who obtained viral fame in 2007 with a picture of a recent victory against a sandcastle. after smashing it with his hands, has once again managed to gain massive popularity, but this time it was for getting his dad a kidney.

Griner’s father has been in the midst of a very serious health crisis and the family turned to their social media family in their time of need. They raised a total of $80,000 to help pay for a kidney transplant for “Success Kid’s” dad.

A family friend named Dan Newlin set up a GoFundme page and met their goal within the first week. Complete strangers even offered to donate their own kidney to help the struggling family.

This story is an example of how powerful social media is, and how many kind and compassionate people are in the world. When these two forces come together it can transform lives and therefore, the world.

Griner and his family are eternally grateful for all the support the have received from fans all over the world, and thank them for saving their beloved father’s life.

Why Image Recognition Is Used By Retail Businesses

A number of businesses use mobile image recognition software because it offers dozens of helpful benefits to employees, customers, and clients. Although there are many reputable companies that develop image recognition tools, most managers use Slyce tools because the developers are industry experts.

Why Businesses Choose Slyce

Slyce provides image recognition technology to various retailers. The app lets users snap photos with their phones so that they can receive data about certain inventory. Slyce has been very successful over the last 12 months. Dozens of businesses are now using the technology in their mobile commerce apps.

Benefits of Image Recognition Software

An image recognition app captures data and sends it to certain applications where it can be processed. This procedure helps businesses process their transactions faster at a reduced cost. Employees can also use the technology during a lengthy business trip because the app can file important reports and process insurance claims.

Some businesses also use image recognition tools to boost customer loyalty. Because the app increases reaction time for feedback and payments, customers usually buy more products and services throughout the year.

Image recognition helps companies increase their market share too. This is possible because the app helps managers extend their services to thousands of mobile phone users.

How Image Recognition Apps Help Shoppers

Over the next few years, more retailers will use image recognition tools to improve their in-store customer service. They will develop a number of apps that are suitable for their customers and clients. Certain apps will also recommend items to regular shoppers. For example, if a shopper buys a shoe from a shoe store, the app will display shoes that have similar features.

Image recognition apps use IR technology; it sends consumers information the moment they need it. Managers appreciate that the technology is helpful to customers because the app lowers employee costs.

The software also helps customers locate different colors and configurations for certain products in a store. It can also track each item’s specific location in some stores.

Why Mobile Image Recognition Technology is Efficient

When managers enhance the shopping experience in their stores, they retain sales from consumers who shop on their mobile devices. Although there are other mobile marketing technologies, most tools use digital watermarks to enable customer interactions. The problem is that these technologies have a limited scope.

Many marketers use image recognition instead of QR because the technology does not detract the imagery in a marketing campaign.


Finally! FreedomPop Wireless Is Here

FreedomPop has attempted to make a name for itself by offering free and minimal effort portable administration with boundless talk, content and information. The organization is a MVNO (versatile virtual system administrator) of Sprint, which implies it doesn’t run its own system however rather rents the important voice and information range from other portable transporters, for this situation Sprint. In that regard, it depends on the cell system of the guardian bearer to issue its clients online access. The new administration is a flight from FreedomPop’s standard strategy for interfacing individuals as it rather depends on Wi-Fi hotspots. 

The organization is additionally attempting to rival cell suppliers by offering individuals a different option for lavish information arranges that can without much of a stretch get spent before month’s end. Accordingly, FreedomPop is pointing the administration at an assortment of clients – the individuals who would prefer not to consume their cell minutes or information, those with a Wi-Fi-just tablet, and even the individuals who have a cell deactivated telephone however might in any case want to utilize it to get online by means of Wi-Fi. FreedomPop is meaning to build the quantity of hotspots to 25 million in the second quarter, an organization representative said. The objective is to have more than 90 percent Wi-Fi scope in the main 200 noteworthy metro zones before the year’s over. 

Precisely where might clients get to these a large number of hotspots? The organization didn’t tell TechCrunch who is giving the Wi-Fi. In any case Stokols did uncover that the hotspots would be open in substantial retail spots, for example, McDonalds, Starbucks, Burger King and Best Buy. This FreedomPop review says they will collaborate with a mixture of Wi-Fi aggregators, which unite the systems of numerous suppliers, and additionally direct systems to develop the quantity of hotspots.