“Success Kid” Lives Up to His Name – Helps to Save Dad’s Life

Internet sensation “Success Kid”, also known as now 8-year-old Sam Griner who obtained viral fame in 2007 with a picture of a recent victory against a sandcastle. after smashing it with his hands, has once again managed to gain massive popularity, but this time it was for getting his dad a kidney.

Griner’s father has been in the midst of a very serious health crisis and the family turned to their social media family in their time of need. They raised a total of $80,000 to help pay for a kidney transplant for “Success Kid’s” dad.

A family friend named Dan Newlin set up a GoFundme page and met their goal within the first week. Complete strangers even offered to donate their own kidney to help the struggling family.

This story is an example of how powerful social media is, and how many kind and compassionate people are in the world. When these two forces come together it can transform lives and therefore, the world.

Griner and his family are eternally grateful for all the support the have received from fans all over the world, and thank them for saving their beloved father’s life.

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