Michael Buble Posts Controversial Photo

Michael Buble is a famous singer from Canada, and he is loved by many people across the world. Buble is known for his tremendous singing ability, and he is also known as being a distinguished man. However, Michael Buble has recently been accused of shaming a woman’s body. Not too long ago, Michael was at a diner in Louisiana with his wife, and that’s when the couple spotted a girl with really short shorts on. Michael’s wife snapped a photo with Michael in it, and then he posted the photo on Instagram. Many fans were angry at the picture, and some people even called him disgusting. Michael tried to fix the situation, and he wanted fans to know that he was just joking. He told his fans that a woman’s body should be honored and respected. Michael Buble wants the world to know that he was joking.

YellowPages said that when Michael initially posted the photo on Instagram, he hashtaged the comment “#babygotback,” and that comment infuriated people. Fans of Michael Bubles said that he disrespected that women, and he’s making fun of her. However, Michael said that her butt is eating those shorts. Honestly, Michael’s fans are making this a huge deal for no reason. Also, that girl shouldn’t have been wearing those shorts in the first place. For more information on this story, and to see Michael’s Instagram picture, visit Yahoo!

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