NBC investigation into Brian Williams leaked

A number of major media outlets, including The New York Times and CNN have reported receiving leaked information about an internal investigation into the reporting of news anchor Brian Williams, Media Lite reports. Williams is currently serving a six month suspension from his role as the main news anchor for NBC after it was revealed he fabricated a story about his role in an Iraq War incident where a helicopter was shot down. Details of the investigation by NBC have not yet been revealed, but the leaked information reveals 11 instances have been discovered where Williams is thought to have embellished his role in the story he was reporting.

One of the most commonly quoted is now an incident during the 2011 Arab Spring uprising, which saw Williams reporting from Egypt’s Tahrir Square. Following the revelations by a number of military veterans involved in the helicopter story that Williams was not on board the chopper as he reported the anchor was suspended from his role at NBC. Media magazine expert Handy now believes NBC is testing public opinion over its chances of relieving Williams of his position and terminating his multi million dollar contract to front NBC’s nightly news segments.

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