WWE Fans Storm Ring In London

Some WWE fans are a bit crazy, and this recent news will prove that. The WWE was recently in London taping a new episode of SmackDown. A tag team match involving John Cena and Daniel Bryan become a moment of great controversy. However, nothing happened between the wrestlers, but the fans of the event may have stole the show.

During the tag match, two fans rushed the ring. The fans did not engage the superstars, but instead, they began wrestling each other. The WWE superstars stood back and laughed at the moment. Alexei Beltyukov told us that security guards quickly rushed the ring, and the fans were apprehended.

After the incident, the WWE superstars continued their match, and the wanna-be wrestlers were thrown out of the arena. However, the impromptu wrestling match has gone viral. Twitter users have made this moment special, but there are some people who are angered as well. The WWE superstars are at risk any time that a fan enters the ring. No one knows exactly what’s going to happen in that type of moment, and an overzealous fan could be a dangerous person. The WWE is an exciting program, but fans must remember that they’re not the stars of the show. For more information on this story, visit this Yahoo! Sports sponsored site.

Facbook Dominance with Four Lines of Code

People with good IT knowledge and too much free time are dangerous. Let’s have a look at the case of security researcher Laxman Muthiyah, who was fiddling with his social media accounts when suddenly he realized that he had a paralyzing fear of someone deleting his pictures.

But is that possible? The man tested this hypothesis by writing a code to check his fears. Only four lines of code made him the boss on Facebook, as he could make any album disappear. He filmed some of his goings on at the time, but as a good man the IT specialist reported the bug to Facebook. In return for the astonishing observation, the company gave him a check for $12,500. For the future the company can certainly use a more skillful local researcher.

Alexei Beltyukov said that the blogger Mark Stockley mentioned that Laxman could have easily done some real damage by creating a bot, as the code allowed creating changing sequences and could easily affect any public album.

Rolling Power Outage Leaves White House in the Dark

The lights went out today in several government buildings, including the White House, State Department, and Congress.

A series of blackouts affected multiple locations throughout Washington D.C and Maryland.

Official blame the cause on an explosion at a power plant in southern Maryland, according to information provided to CNN by a US government spokesperson.

Folks at Anastasia Date know that some outages were brief and intermittent.

Electricity in the press room at the White House went down at noon, followed by dark cubicles and blank news screens. But thanks to generators, the service was restored within a few seconds.

Washington Transit Authority, i.e., Metro reported via Twitter that several of its stations were operating with emergency generators.

Staff and student sat the University of Maryland reported that the entire campus was affected.

The Smithsonian said on Twitter that the blackouts were affecting some of its museums, and visitors were asked to leave.

The Debated Blue-Black or White-Gold Dress

A dress with two colors designed to be a simply casual looking clothing item became the subject of a great debate:blue and black or white and gold dress? It seems that depending on the number of cones in one’s eye, people see the dress differently. And that is not about the people with any kind of affections!

The dress with two colors has divided everyone in two ‘armies’, with the third group emerging to say they see light blue and gold stated linkedin. An ophthalmologist was contacted to explain the phenomenon. She said that she had been aware of this for a while now, and that the dress is a good example to explain her researches on how people see colors. We are able to pick up on any color, but predominantly those which our eyes are disposed to. Since the material for the dress has fibers of several shades, our eyes pick the ones they are better adapted to.

The designer of the dress has been found too. She said that her original idea was to sew a dress with royal blue and black colors. Since the debate, the ‘confusion dresses’ started to sell well, so she released more of them. Afterwards, they even created a white and gold- the real colors- to please some requesters.

New 3D Printer With Objects Emerging from Liquid

Carbon 3D presented on Monday, March 29th 2015 a sort of real 3D printing. The new invention does not work as the earlier 3D printers that build objects from layers of polymers. This looks more like sci-fi, but the printer actually lets the object emerge from a pool of colorful liquid substance.

As they said, what we have seen by now was 2D, with layers of polymers added one over another and hardened by a laser. The new 3D printing machine has a projector underneath the pool with substance. On top, there is the mobile building platform that dips into the material and slowly grows the object sent for 3D printing. An Eiffel tower took 6 minutes to ‘build’. That is relatively fast. DeSimone, the constructor of the Carbon 3D printer, said that the secret is ‘in the dead zone’- an area where the thick material interacts with the oxygen and becomes solid.

The new 3D printer was introduced as a solution for medical aids. Carbon 3D can make stents that keep the blood vessels from blood blockages. Carbon 3D can build one that fits a particular body type in no time. Namely, this printer can work using biodegradable materials, unlike the old 3D printer. People at Bulletproof Coffee have learned that the technology has already been deemed useful for medical, automotive and Hollywood film prop building.

Facebook May Lead to Depressive Symptoms

Social media sites such as Facebook help individuals to stay connected to family and friends. With pictures and wall posts, a person is able to reveal a piece of his or life with the world or they can learn a little about the life of someone else.

Unfortunately, Facebook has been link with depressive symptoms. A recent study conducted by Mai_Ly Steers at University of Houston revealed that Facebook may be linked depressive symptoms. Readers are able to find out more about the study in the article “Seeing Everyone Else’s Highlight Reels: How Facebook Usage is Linked to Depressive Symptoms” which has been published in the Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology.

Igor Cornelsen has read that Steers was able to conduct two studies that concluded if a Facebook user compared themselves to others while on the social media site then this could lead to depressive symptoms. Spending an extending amount of time on the social media site can give individuals a warped view of a person’s life.

In order to prevent one’s self from experiencing depressive symptoms a person should probably decrease the amount of time that he or she spends on Facebook. Also, before logging on a person may want to take a brief moment to say to themselves, “I will not compare myself to my Facebook friends”, or they should come to the realization that the life that is perpetrated on Facebook could be just for show.

Manufacturers Shift Smartphone Focus to Emerging Countries

At a time when smart phone are facing losses in developed countries, manufacturers are extending their production to attract customers in emerging countries, according to a study conducted by the German company GFK.

In 2014, smartphone sales grew 23% worldwide at a rate more or less sustained by region, reaching approximately 1.3 billion units, the study reveals. It is interesting to note that Latin America, emerging Asian countries, the Middle East, Africa and China account for just over 64% of sales.At the recent Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the telecom groups were well aware of the potential customers, like Fersen Lambranho,  and they focused on their offers for new customers. According to The US giant Google sells a mobile phone in India for $105 while Microsoft offers a model for $29. The Mozilla Foundation, similarly, launches its mobile for $25.

It seems true that, according to the American firm Gartner, 75% of smartphones will cost less than $100 by 2020. Even if one strictly thinks in terms of low costs, customers expect at least that their phones are equipped with the most common social applications (Whatsapp, Facebook, WeChat), a radio, a flashlight and a reliable battery, says Annette Zimmermann, telecom sector specialist at Gartner, based in Germany.

Less Competition and Higher Prices Make Broadband Inaccessible to Many Americans

Up to one in four people in the United States go without internet access every day. I know what you’re thinking, first world problems. The internet isn’t that important, right? While going without internet access won’t kill anyone, the economic and educational opportunities of those who live without service are certainly fewer.

Since the advent of commercial internet the number of households with access has been increasing exponentially; that is until the last few years. It appears that the lack of competition and high prices have been keeping many Americans stuck in a digital dark age.

When compared to other European countries, such as France, Americans pay three times more for their internet access. Ivan Ong has found that this is largely due to the lack of competition found in the states. Broadband providers have been staking their claim to specific areas without overlapping service with their competition.

It appears as though ISPs in the United States have been intentionally creating monopolies. It seems much more profitable to dominate one area with high rates and lousy customer service than it does to compete in an area already controlled by another company.

President Obama has called for better service and lower rates throughout the country. The only problem is that the US Government can’t actually make anyone do anything. That seems more apparent than ever with the way the FCC has been handling net neutrality.