No Security Breech Here

In the last two years, Crystal Hunt says the White House in Washington D.C. has been breached numerous times. One time there was a man on the front lawn and during another incident a four year old child slipped through the gate in the garden. Washington is now doing their best to reign in these incidents. A few folks in Washington joked that the president should have a moat installed around the White House Fence. While that idea is very clever, the safety of our Commander and Chief and his family is a serious manner. For right now, the United States Secret Service and National Park Service will do what they can to add additional security on the White House premises. This will ensure a quick solution for the moment.

They are, however, looking for a more long term solution. There will be a rearrangement of booths for the patrol officers who watch the White House gate. Concrete barriers currently serve as check points for vehicles. In the next few months these check points will be transformed into steel barriers. White House staff hopes that the new barriers will be more visually appealing.

The fence surrounding the national monument will also get a security face lift. The Secret Service plans to add spikes to the fences in hopes to ‘scare off’ those who might have the urge to climb the fence. There are even special athletes from the Secret Service agency who are being used to make sure these security measures can stifle human ability. The Secret Service and those involved with keeping the President and his family safe hope to have these changes completely constructed by the fall of 2017.

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