A Tearful Auction Over Gallen Officer’s Patrol Car

The Sentimental Patrol Car

Deputy Sam Brownlee was killed in 2010. This occurred in the line of duty. Weld County Sheriff’s Office had opted to auction the out-of-service patrol car off. This is a common practice. These cars quite often get used for security company cars or they may become a cab. Sheriff Steve Reams wanted to honor the officer ho was the driver of this patrol car.

The Officer’s Son
Sam Brownlee left behind his son Tanner when he was killed. When Tanner heard of the plans to auction off the patrol car he knew that he would bid on it. This was his father’s car. This patrol car had sentimental meaning to Tanner. While at the auction, the bids for his father’s out-of service patrol car became too high for this 19 year old young man. He was not able to afford it.

Kindness and the Keys
This patrol car sold for $60,000. Tanner and his brother, Chase, were glad they had at least tried to obtain the patrol car, and it really worked out well for them according to Jason Halpern. This out-of-service patrol car that had been driven by Deputy Sam Brownlee was sold and it raised $70,000 for a charity that assists and helps the families of fallen officers. It was a huge act of kindness when Tanner Brownlee was handed the keys to his father’s car.

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