It’s Raining Dogs on New York’s Restaurants

A new bill has passed recently that will allow owners to bring their dogs to outdoor restaurants. Obviously not good news for cats. The bill is still being decided by legislators but the outcome seems likely. We could be seeing all kinds of dogs soon at your favorite New York restaurants very soon. Imagine doggie biscuits on a plate in a restaurant regularly; the only thing we need left is the dogs calling the waiters to serve them their cup of water. An amusing joke that could be turned into reality. Of course maybe not since there will still be regulations and procedures as described by this article .

New York has been widely considered a big dog lovers city for a long while and it’s finally been acknowledged that the city recognizes its long history with dogs. Paul is glad to see that be the case. Even before this, owners have already been frequently taking their dogs to restaurants that would allow them on their premises. However, those restaurants could be charged a hefty fee for allowing dogs to do that and some have already suffered that fee. Thankfully, if this bill passes successfully, it will mean a migraine of problems have been resolved all at once. A victory for both animal lovers and dog lovers alike to be sure.

Hopefully this bill will succeed so it will pave the way for more animal lovers to enjoy the luxurious New York City.

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