Fingerprints Reveal Cocaine Usage

If a person has used cocaine it will show up in theie fingerprint. A new test has been developed that will accurately show drug usage with a single fingerprint.Individuals at The Aspire New Brunswick have found that the new test will allow for faster and simpler drug testing that can be done anywhere.
No more blood or urine samples, just a fingerprint will reveal all there is to know about the person’s drug usage in the near future. For now, the fingerprint test only reveals cocaine usage.
A person who has used cocaine (or even touched the product) secretes benzoylecgonine and methylecgonine, both are components of metabolized cocaine. Fingerprints are taken on glass and through a process called mass spectrometry, the secreted chemicals can be detected and analyzed.
Only a small portion of an actual fingerprint is needed to detect cocaine usage, the remaining portion of the fingerprint can be used to test for other drugs as the technology is developed. On sample fingerprint can provide enough surface for the specific and individualized testing for several drugs as the need arises in the field or in an office.

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