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How is it that browsers and computers are starting to quickly feel antiquated and clunky?! Just five years ago, if I wanted to take a trip, I could get online and look at websites about the destination, check some of the travel sites for ticket prices and hotels and then pack a bag. Now, with the advent of apps like “Skout”, I can use their “Travel” feature to meet someone from my destination-of-interest and ask for advice on travelling in that area. Through this Skouter, I can find the best places to go and they can help avoid classic travel mistakes like selecting the wrong hotel! In addition, Skouters who use the Travel feature often times meet at the destination. Travel is just one of the features on Skout that is changing the way we connect with others.

Skout is also known as the “flirting app,” seeking to help people connect and allow those unexpected meetings to turn into a new friendship or romance. You can also find others on Skout, no matter where you are, if you just want to go out and do something fun. Skout is making this all possible. There is also “shake to chat” which you can use if you want to meet a random Skouter. You can use one of the apps “iceshakers” to start the conversation!

Apparently sports enthusiasts make the most connections on Skout! The numbers indicate that both men and women who share an interest in watching sports, and in particular basketball, connect more than all others. Don’t fret, however, because if someone has looked at your profile, something sparked their interest. You may not be into sports but you don’t have to be shy either! If someone has looked at your profile but failed to chat, open up a chat with them. Simply saying “hello” is enough to start a new friendship!

Want to give your Skout friend a gift? You can easily send a gift card, be it a thank you to the new friend you met on Skout ( who showed you around Rome, and do this instantly! If you open a chat with a Skouter you would like to gift, and press the “+” sign in the lower left corner, this brings you to a screen where you can select “give a gift” from the icon on the lower right side of the screen. Within minutes you can show someone you appreciate them! Holiday and birthday shopping just got a whole lot easier!

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