Yelp Transformed from Online Reviews to Platform for Protest

Feel like sounding off about an establishment? Good or bad, you have an audience on Yelp. In fact, Yelp has quickly emerged as a multi-dimensional community platform for protest.

Washington Post writes that Yelp is a powerful influencer. Everyday, thousands of reviews flood the site, and the reviewers are the ones who wield the power.

In April, Memories Pizza was inudated with more than 7,600 negative reviews after commenting about *not* catering a gay wedding. Consumers felt an injustice had occurred and preceded to dominate the conversation.

Memories Pizza shut their doors for a short while, and the haters who used Yelp as a soapbox actually helped turn their financial loss around.

Conservatives raised $843,317 for the mom-and-pop Pizza shop.

Many believe Yelp is nothing more than a back-biting opinionated site, and reviews are no longer based on first hand experiences, but this is inevitable, and it happens to every social platform.

The answer is not quieting down social expression but learning how to use it.

When businesses learn how to invest in online opinions, and use the dialogue to their advantage, the playing field will become more balanced.

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