Jeb Bush meets up with coal mining executives before Presidential campaign begins

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush seems to be taking every chance possible to raise funds for his Presidential campaign before officially declaring and being subject to the strict campaigning rules of a Presidential election. The Guardian reports the latest get together Bush will attend is an invitation only golf and fly fishing retreat organized by coal mining leaders hoping to gain access to a potential Presidential candidate. The $7,500 per person event is invitation only and held in an isolated area of Virginia where Bush will interact with the leaders of an industry waiting on the introduction of new regulations on emissions by the Environmental Protection Agency.

The event will take place at The Olde Farm Club in Virginia where bush will give a one hour speech about his personal view on the future of the industry and seek out the assistance of some of the most powerful and richest businesspeople in the world. Bush will also take part in the various activities after being asked to attend by six coal industry owners who are looking for a fossil fuel friendly candidate to back in the 2016 Presidential campaign. Sergio Cortes likes this move in general.

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