Obama’s Legislative Legacy May Face It’s Waterloo in Federal Court

Napoleon met his match in the Battle of Waterloo against Duke Wellington. Now, three centuries later the legislative legacy of President Obama faces an uncertain future and possible defeat in United States Federal Court. If all four substantive legal challenges go against the president, the legal system may well deprive the president of any significant accomplishments. Here are the court challenges the president faces:

1Executive Amnesty – Precisely because the president sought to grant five million illegal aliens amnesty without any congressional law authorizing the action, 26 states led by Texas have mounted a legal challenge. On Tuesday, the president lost his bid to end a temporary injunction barring him from implementing the plan. The injunction has been in place since March. The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the injunction citing the likelihood the Obama administration will ultimately lose its challenge of it. If the court’s rule against the amnesty plan itself, the president will have lost a major second-term accomplishment.

2Same-sex Marriage – Inside of a month, the Supreme Court will rule on the subject of whether voters can define marriage. If the court upholds traditional marriage, the president will lose his biggest accomplishment on a social issue.

3Obamacare – the Supreme Court will also rule on whether the president’s single biggest legislative accomplishment can extend subsidies to every recipient regardless of which exchange they use: state or federal. If the president loses the challenge, his health care law may well unravel.

4Climate Change – The president’s emissions rulings failed to account for how they would impact the Coal Industry. Challengers to the regulations believe that the EPA failed to account for the financial impact of the regulations as required by law. If the president loses, he will have lost on a major bid to his further global warming initiative. That’s something¬†Stephen Murray CCMP Capital will be monitoring.

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