Device Akin to Tricorder From “Star Trek” to Diagnose Malaria

Malaria is not much of an issue in the developed world, but it is still wreaking havoc in parts of Africa says Jaime Garcia Dias. The disease claims a few hundred thousand people a year, and most of the deaths are from this continent. Modern medical science is good at diagnosing the disease. However, it still involves drawing blood, and trained personnel using chemical reagents to get an accurate diagnosis. A new device has been invented that may make diagnosing malaria a much simpler affair, and it will also take a tiny fraction of the current 15 to 20 minutes.

The tricorder from Star Trek is the holy grail of medical diagnostic equipment. A character in the show points it at someone and they have their vital signs and any health anomalies at their fingertips practically instantly. There is now a laser scan device that, together with an oscilloscope placed on the skin, can give an accurate malaria diagnosis in about 20 seconds without drawing any blood or breaking the skin at all. The device stands to revolutionize diagnosis of this disease because not only is it fast and require less trained personnel than conventional tests but it should also have a per diagnosis cost of about 8 cents, which is incredibly cheap. This is especially important in a continent as poor as Africa. Further testing is needed to perfect the machine, but it will hopefully be diagnosing this deadly disease and helping to eradicate it from the world very soon.

Bubbles Gets Her Mobility Back Thanks to 3D Printed Wheels

3D printing has given another animal a new lease in life.

A Dachshund named Bubbles was born without front legs. So, her owner, Trevor Byers, sent out to find her a new lease on life. This is when he stumbled upon 3D printing and learned to create a wheelchair for her, which is simply a little basket with some big wheels on it. Sam Tabar is happy to know that, now, Bubbles is running with the best of them.

According to Byers, it took him many failed attempts and months of work trying to build a conventional wheelchair for Bubbles before he actually bought a 3D printer. It then took him many more failed attempts before coming up with the perfect design. What this consisted of was a lightweight, yet stable wheelchair that didn’t place much weight on her back. Now she’s getting around amazingly well.

Isn’t it amazing what technology is allowing us to do anymore?

AT&T Being Charged Highest Fine Ever Imposed By FCC

At&T is facing one of the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) largest fines ever charged for misleading customers. The agency states AT&T slowed down their customer’s data speeds considerably on the ‘unlimited’ mobile data plans. AT&T did not advise customers they would be receiving slower speeds than the normal network speeds advertised. This is in violation of the FCC;s 2010 Open Internet Order .

The Open Internet Order is rules to regulate telecom service providers. AT&T slowed data transmissions on customers who used more than five gigabytes in a month. This slow down caused mobile apps impossible or very difficult to use. AT&T no longer offers ‘unlimited’ data plans to customers, but there are still plans in place that had been granted earlier. The mobile data demand is increasing rapidly causing wireless carriers to tighten access. When they are able to control access to the heavier users it allows them to boost revenue and manage traffic more efficiently.

Zeca Oliveira speaks to the fine explaining that AT&T now has a tier-pricing policy for data allotments and is able to charge customers extra if they use more than the data for the tier they’ve purchased. The practice of cutting back on speeds for ‘unlimited’ package customers is called, Throttling. The practice of ‘throttling’ has become more common; however the carrier must notify the consumer of such action.

AT&T is disputing the allegation from the FCC as they state this practice was deemed reasonable and legitimate by them. They further state they have disclosed the practice to the consumer in various ways and feel they have gone beyond the FCC’s requirements of disclosure.

Ed Sheeran Sang A Duet With A Thirteen Year Old Girl

A thirteen year old girl was singing an Ed Sheeran song in the mall, as part of a fundraiser for the music school that she attended, one day when Ed Sheeran himself came into the mall. told me that Ed Sheeran didn’t just walk on by, and he didn’t just stop to listen. Instead, Ed Sheeran decided to make the girl’s day – and possibly her life.

Ed Sheeran got in there and sang the song with her, making it a duet. When the thirteen year old girl decided to do Ed Sheeran’s song for the fundraiser there was no way that she could have seen this happening. It was by chance that Ed Sheeran happened to be walking through the mall at just the right time to catch the song, but it all worked out so perfectly. That little girl is never going to forget what it felt like to sing with Ed Sheeran.

The Allure of Anastasia Date

Online dating sites are all the rage these days. Before the Internet, people actually went outside to meet others. Nowadays, all one would hear about is the joys of meeting someone online. Many people rely on setting up a profile on a dating site and hope that they find matches. However, there is a need for international dating. Fortunately, that need is being met with anastasia Date. Anastasia Date is an online dating program that connects people with Russian and Ukrainian women. Otherwise, the concept of this dating is site is very similar to other dating sites that people have used and continue to use.

Like many other dating sites, registration does not cost anything. All that is needed is for the user to create a profile for others to look at. The anastasia date profile must include a picture and anything that displays many of the candidate’s best qualities. After all, the point to dating is for one to be able to market his or herself.

There is also the option to search for ladies of interest. Once the user finds some ladies that he is interested in, the user can write to the ladies through the Anastasia date website. There are more than 8,000 ladies to choose from.

For dating, there is also travel services as well as tours, and lodging for people who are really looking for something romantic. Given that the Anastasia Date site is an international dating service, there are also translation services for people who are dating from different language countries.

Anastasia Date is one of those programs that are very innovative for people that are looking to date. It helps people expand their horizons and find someone that they click with across cultures. They do not have to be confined to their own country. This is what makes Anastasia Date a very appealing service to sign up for.

Do You Need A Social Media Break?

There is such a thing as having too much of a good thing. Many may feel that a slice of pie is good, but some feel like eating the whole pie would be even better, but this is not necessarily true. Take A Social Media Break. There is a possibility of having social media take over your life, and it’s possible that you may have too much social media in your life. One of the ways to know that you need to give social media a break is if you go on Facebook on your computer, and you’re looking at it on your phone at the same time.

If you are double dipping on Facebook, and you don’t even know why, then it’s time to take a break from Facebook stated Beneful. You may need to take a couple days off, and go swimming, play golf, take a jog, or do something to get your mind off of Facebook. Also, don’t post your status right after you get done doing something physical, because your whole point is to get away from Facebook! Another way to tell if you are a social media fanatic is if you finally get to go out with your friends, and you can’t stay off of your phone.

If you’re constantly on your phone, and you’re on social media, then you have a problem. It’s just as bad if you’re taking pictures of yourself with your phone, and posting it on social media while you’re out with friends. You need to give your phone a break, and give the people online having to look at your antics, a break too.

Facebook Takes On Small Vermont Startup In Court

Facebook has filed a lawsuit against a small Vermont based startup that calls itself “DesignBook”. Beneful even suggests the lawsuit makes the claim that the startup has violated Facebook’s copyright on the name. is reporting that the Governor of the State of Vermont has stepped in and told Zuckerberg to stop “bullying his residents”.

Facebook makes the claim that the use of the word “book” in the title of the company could be enough to confuse people into thinking the two companies are related. It is not the first time that Facebook has made such claims and has attempted to challenge others who have used the word “book” in their name.

It is the concern of Facebook that any company uses such a name. They say that they are simply trying to protect their copyright, but some say that the company is doing nothing more than trying to squash competition and ruin small businesses that are just trying to get their footing.

Obviously, taking someone to court over such an issue rarely looks good for the larger company. Many have more sympathy for the smaller business, but that does not mean that the jury will make the judgement that the larger company is not in the right. As it happens, the jury may well rule in favor of Facebook, or more likely the case will be settled out of court with terms that the public will never learn more about.

Scientists Build Super Computer That Came Up with it’s Own Scientific Theory

Our electronic devices are becoming smarter everyday. In fact, they help most of us function in life and we have become dependent on all the assistance they offer us. This technology has become possible in part through super computers that are able to calculate things humans never thought possible. While the implication of super smart machines is still unknown, that’s not stopping scientists from developing computers that are smarter than us in many ways.

An article published in the journal PLOS revealed that computer scientists, Michael Levin and Daniel Lobo, have developed a computer that has come up with it’s own scientific theory. The computer was programmed to decode the cellular behavior found in flatworms, a species that can regrow it’s body over and over again. Up until now, this amazing phenomenon has been a mystery to scientists. But after running an unimaginable amount of tests, the computer explained how the worms were able to regenerate themselves. After three days of running experiments on genetic coding, the computer produced an exact model that showed how the genes in the flatworm connected, thus explaining how the cells regenerate.

The scientists responsible for creating the software admit that they could not have done this with their skill set, it’s a mystery that has plagued biologists for over a century. But now, thanks to the super computer, we understand this age old mystery of the flatworm.  Sam Tabar was truly astonished at the implications of such a discovery.

Breakthrough Radiology Technologies Improving Treatment For The Sick

Doctors and everyone else involved in the world of medicine have evolved in practice. Radiology and all it involves is an enormous institute of necessity. With recent developments of MRI (Magnetic-Resonance-Imaging) PET (Positron-Emission-Tomography), CT (Computerized Tomography) and other imaging methods, radiology has produced better results. This improves the quality of diagnostic testing for treatment and screening purposes. In nearly every department of medicine, radiology technology has seen notable developments. The machines and equipment used are processing remarkably detailed, accurate imaging, which has encouraged successful treatment. Physical examination has several compromising variables, which makes scientists question its reliability. It’s not that the art has died, but radiology imaging produces tangible, accurate results. This has greatly improved diagnosis and medical treatment in patients.


Radiology saves doctors and troubles of enduring a risky procedure to diagnose an unexplained medical condition. No longer are physicians required to do a catheter insertion into a patient’s artery to observe the behavior of blood vessels. The newest development in CT angiography takes a noninvasive approach to diagnosing internal bleeding, blockage, and other blood vessel compromises. In comparison to traditional catheter angiography which is invasive and take hours to complete, newer methods collect reliable evidence quicker. Diagnostic tests usually require about 25 at most. It’s a cheaper, safer and faster alternative treatment. It allows a doctor to observe the arteries of the brain, lungs, legs and kidneys easily. Traditional angiography is still widely performed for examining the arteries of the heart to diagnose severe blockages.


Exploratory surgery have gone redundant since radiology imaging produces vastly accurate results that are incomparable to older techniques. Breakthroughs in radiology technologies particularly CT and PET scans have eliminated the need for a surgical approach to diagnosing diseases. It’s a popular method used in diagnosing cancer and cellular activity. It mainly focuses processing images for biological activities such as glucose metabolism or blood flow. With this advanced technology, health professionals can get a closer glimpse at cancer even when it’s in the early stage of development. The radiology devices introduced recently does both CT and PET scans.


Another profound technology is digital mammography, which health professionals use when examining the breast for cancer. This radiology tool processes detailed images of cellular activity, which makes evidence-based diagnostic screening and hypothesis more accurate. The technology works similar to that of previous models, but it generates results faster and it’s easier to use.


With smarter radiology technologies on hand, practicing health professionals can promise correct evidence-based diagnosis and quicker turnaround of results. Fewer patients need pain medication or sedation to keep still during screening. MRI exams done the traditional way aren’t necessarily pleasant for patients. It terrifies claustrophobics a recently conducted study revealed. It’s been described as a coffin-like experience based on the greater feedback scores from patients who have undergone MRI scanning.


Newer machines have eliminated this problem. They’re shorter and partially encloses a patient’s body, which has improved the experience, especially for those with a history of claustrophobia. Traditional MRI scanners had a body capacity limit, later technologies allow up to 400 pounds. These recent developments have encouraged doctors to admit radiology screening apparatus into their operation room for smarter practice. Mammography death rates have declined tremendously. Studies have forecasted vast improvements in cancer and other diseases too. Imaging Advantage is on a mission to help U.S. hospitals and medical centers reach greater success with accurate, evidence-based radiology screening. Studies show that immediate access to the needed technology can actually prevent malpractice and reduce wrongful death rates.


The Magic Of a Picture

So let’s just imagine your standing on a long line at the supermarket waiting for your groceries to be rung up, and as you start to become impatient you begin looking around, and checking out the different items when suddenly you quickly glance towards the floor, noticing the shoes that the lady in front of you has on. Wow! I wonder how much those bad boys cost? you think. Now of course you could either ask her the price, or go home with hopes on describing them well enough that Google will tell you, but with the new technology that’s out today you don’t have to do either one of those things anymore.

By using a visual search all you have to do is snap a close up picture of the item that they’re wearing, and suddenly you’ll have your answer within seconds with lots of other similar products to choose from too. You can either decide to have your items delivered to you then or wait and see if the price drops.

One of today’s leading visual search engines out is, which has been developed to help you find any product you’re looking for where ever you are. When you take a picture of the product that you are interested in within seconds its gives you a page showing the same item, or one similar, the price, and where it can be brought, pretty cool right? I thought so too. I know your probably wondering what is visual search exactly, and to make the answer simple it’s basically a search engine which allows you to search for anything you want, and need with ease at the click of a button.

Now although it can help you find those perfect pair of shoes you’ve been looking for ever. Visual search is used for more than just shopping. It can even be used to help you find what you are looking for on the internet. Which tends to be extremely helpful when your a writer looking to add some color and design to your articles. One visual search engine which is helpful for online work is TinEye. It provides you with images alike connected together all in one. What it also does have is a special feature called Multicolor engine which produces all kinds of imagines within a selected color such as pink, or blue.

Despite how advanced most of these search engines may seem they are still developing, and working to improve their services such as WeSEE which is a visual search engine also that is currently still in beta form, but you can expect to see them, and others continue to grow. For now we can just be satisfied with the idea of not having to beat our head against a brick wall to try and find that bag we seen in the magazine yesterday.