The Magic Of a Picture

So let’s just imagine your standing on a long line at the supermarket waiting for your groceries to be rung up, and as you start to become impatient you begin looking around, and checking out the different items when suddenly you quickly glance towards the floor, noticing the shoes that the lady in front of you has on. Wow! I wonder how much those bad boys cost? you think. Now of course you could either ask her the price, or go home with hopes on describing them well enough that Google will tell you, but with the new technology that’s out today you don’t have to do either one of those things anymore.

By using a visual search all you have to do is snap a close up picture of the item that they’re wearing, and suddenly you’ll have your answer within seconds with lots of other similar products to choose from too. You can either decide to have your items delivered to you then or wait and see if the price drops.

One of today’s leading visual search engines out is, which has been developed to help you find any product you’re looking for where ever you are. When you take a picture of the product that you are interested in within seconds its gives you a page showing the same item, or one similar, the price, and where it can be brought, pretty cool right? I thought so too. I know your probably wondering what is visual search exactly, and to make the answer simple it’s basically a search engine which allows you to search for anything you want, and need with ease at the click of a button.

Now although it can help you find those perfect pair of shoes you’ve been looking for ever. Visual search is used for more than just shopping. It can even be used to help you find what you are looking for on the internet. Which tends to be extremely helpful when your a writer looking to add some color and design to your articles. One visual search engine which is helpful for online work is TinEye. It provides you with images alike connected together all in one. What it also does have is a special feature called Multicolor engine which produces all kinds of imagines within a selected color such as pink, or blue.

Despite how advanced most of these search engines may seem they are still developing, and working to improve their services such as WeSEE which is a visual search engine also that is currently still in beta form, but you can expect to see them, and others continue to grow. For now we can just be satisfied with the idea of not having to beat our head against a brick wall to try and find that bag we seen in the magazine yesterday.

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