Scientists Build Super Computer That Came Up with it’s Own Scientific Theory

Our electronic devices are becoming smarter everyday. In fact, they help most of us function in life and we have become dependent on all the assistance they offer us. This technology has become possible in part through super computers that are able to calculate things humans never thought possible. While the implication of super smart machines is still unknown, that’s not stopping scientists from developing computers that are smarter than us in many ways.

An article published in the journal PLOS revealed that computer scientists, Michael Levin and Daniel Lobo, have developed a computer that has come up with it’s own scientific theory. The computer was programmed to decode the cellular behavior found in flatworms, a species that can regrow it’s body over and over again. Up until now, this amazing phenomenon has been a mystery to scientists. But after running an unimaginable amount of tests, the computer explained how the worms were able to regenerate themselves. After three days of running experiments on genetic coding, the computer produced an exact model that showed how the genes in the flatworm connected, thus explaining how the cells regenerate.

The scientists responsible for creating the software admit that they could not have done this with their skill set, it’s a mystery that has plagued biologists for over a century. But now, thanks to the super computer, we understand this age old mystery of the flatworm.  Sam Tabar was truly astonished at the implications of such a discovery.

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