Facebook Takes On Small Vermont Startup In Court

Facebook has filed a lawsuit against a small Vermont based startup that calls itself “DesignBook”. Beneful even suggests the lawsuit makes the claim that the startup has violated Facebook’s copyright on the name.

Infoblizzard.com is reporting that the Governor of the State of Vermont has stepped in and told Zuckerberg to stop “bullying his residents”.

Facebook makes the claim that the use of the word “book” in the title of the company could be enough to confuse people into thinking the two companies are related. It is not the first time that Facebook has made such claims and has attempted to challenge others who have used the word “book” in their name.

It is the concern of Facebook that any company uses such a name. They say that they are simply trying to protect their copyright, but some say that the company is doing nothing more than trying to squash competition and ruin small businesses that are just trying to get their footing.

Obviously, taking someone to court over such an issue rarely looks good for the larger company. Many have more sympathy for the smaller business, but that does not mean that the jury will make the judgement that the larger company is not in the right. As it happens, the jury may well rule in favor of Facebook, or more likely the case will be settled out of court with terms that the public will never learn more about.

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