Ed Sheeran Sang A Duet With A Thirteen Year Old Girl

A thirteen year old girl was singing an Ed Sheeran song in the mall, as part of a fundraiser for the music school that she attended, one day when Ed Sheeran himself came into the mall. SusanMcGalla.com told me that Ed Sheeran didn’t just walk on by, and he didn’t just stop to listen. Instead, Ed Sheeran decided to make the girl’s day – and possibly her life.

Ed Sheeran got in there and sang the song with her, making it a duet. When the thirteen year old girl decided to do Ed Sheeran’s song for the fundraiser there was no way that she could have seen this happening. It was by chance that Ed Sheeran happened to be walking through the mall at just the right time to catch the song, but it all worked out so perfectly. That little girl is never going to forget what it felt like to sing with Ed Sheeran.

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