Bubbles Gets Her Mobility Back Thanks to 3D Printed Wheels

3D printing has given another animal a new lease in life.

A Dachshund named Bubbles was born without front legs. So, her owner, Trevor Byers, sent out to find her a new lease on life. This is when he stumbled upon 3D printing and learned to create a wheelchair for her, which is simply a little basket with some big wheels on it. Sam Tabar is happy to know that, now, Bubbles is running with the best of them.

According to Byers, it took him many failed attempts and months of work trying to build a conventional wheelchair for Bubbles before he actually bought a 3D printer. It then took him many more failed attempts before coming up with the perfect design. What this consisted of was a lightweight, yet stable wheelchair that didn’t place much weight on her back. Now she’s getting around amazingly well.

Isn’t it amazing what technology is allowing us to do anymore?

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