Joseph Bismark: Unchanged By Success


It is very common for people to change when they are successful. Usually, people change for the worse after they achieve their goals. They tend to become stuck up, standoffish, even cowardly. However, this End of an Earring WordPress blog has revealed that Joseph Bismark has not changed in any negative way due to his success. The only changes that he has made was growth. He has continued to demonstrate the value of the spiritual even in the midst of his success. He does not worry about anyone working to take that away from him. The one thing that works for him is that he believes in everyone. He sees the same capabilities in everyone to achieve greatness.

He respects his employees and sees them as human beings. He makes sure that the work environment is helpful and productive. If there is any issue at work, he does everything he can to resolve the issue. He is very insightful as to what people need. He understands that the right amount of leadership and guidance can inspire anyone to excel and succeed in his own business pursuits. He also makes sure that he lives a simple and quiet lifestyle. If one lives a complicated lifestyle, that could cause a wide range of problems that will bleed into work. 

Joseph Bismark has done very well with his spirituality. He has founded businesses with the sole purpose of helping humanity. As a result, he has an easy time implementing the spiritual principles that he has learned at the tender age of 9 until the age of 17. Even though he has achieved a lot in his spiritual journey, he has a lot more ahead of him which he will boldly take on. He also inspires me to take on my spiritual journey and achieve the greatness that I was meant for.

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Gaining Insight into Entrepreneurship

There are certain traits that entrepreneurs possess. However, most of these traits are acquired, and still more are common sense. Many people cannot adhere to the qualities that will put them in a more favorable position to succeed because it involves handling money correctly. Additionally, these traits produce success without consideration of age. This means that people at any age can imbibe this ethos and become successful enough to get their own Bloomberg profile much sooner than their peers, but this does not mean that it happens quickly by any measure.

The mistake that many people make in the beginning is ascribing to methods of dealing with money that do not produce wealth like saving in order to save. Saving money should be done in order to make the money grow. This is achieved in two ways. First, the savings should be used to invest. This is the best way to grow money and produce wealth. This wealth can be produced without heavy risk also. An example of this is saving money in order to purchase a rock solid franchise. The second method by which money can be saved once wealth is beginning to build is to save the money in a place in which it earns interest but cannot be touched. The second method has an alternate benefit. 

Because the money is out of reach, the entrepreneur must continue to produce. This technique circumvents the complacency that sometimes occurs as success begins. Additionally, organize businesses and business efforts in order to make the money do much of the work. This frees the entrepreneur to seek other investment opportunities or to solve problems within previous investments. Residual sources of income that may have required an investment but that does not require effort from the entrepreneur is the formula for wealth. However, a very real barrier will be information. Because of this, entrepreneurs should seek the advice of successful people. A personal relationship is not necessary because a book or even a series of interviews can achieve this.

With entrepreneurs like Marc Sparks, there are multiple methods to gain insight from his wisdom. Marc Sparks reveals much of the things that many successful people like to keep secrets. One of these secrets is gaining access to the winners personally. The type of information that is gained from these professionals will not only reveal much information, the information that they will deliver can save a young entrepreneur many years and much tribulations in learning. Experience is not the best teacher, someone else’s experience is the best teacher. Sparks’ initiatives provide this shortcut to young entrepreneurs with start-ups. Dreams are a significant part of becoming successful, but they are a beginning before the work begins.

Life Of Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is a well known American Entrepreneur, philanthropist and author based in California city of Los Angeles. He grew up in Teaneck, New Jersey. He started programming computers while in fourth grade and by the time he was in High school he set up a database company. In 1984 he joined Harvard University to progress with his studies. His major area of study was English and Literature. He was an editor and writer of a column in The Harvard Crimson. He had classes at MIT which was a neighboring school and in 1988 he graduated magna cum laude.

In 19991 he moved to Los Angeles where he founded a company that dealt with health care, Education among other issues through the use of technology. His ambitions kept on moving and in 1994, he founded Digital Evolution which is an interactive agency. In 1998, it merged with US interactive LLC. Pulier also championed the formation of Starbright World, a social network used by chronically sick children through which they can chat and post comment to other children who have the same problems.

He was also selected by the Inaugural Presidential Committee to create and execute The Bridge to 21st century which was the Presidential Technology Exhibition in Washington DC. After this exhibition he participated In the former vice president Al Gore’s health care and technology workshop where he gave an advice on initiative on health care and technology. He also takes part in the Clinton Global Initiative.

Generally he has founded other ventures such as Desktone, Akana and others. He is also a co – authour of Understanding Enterprise SOA, a well noted book on service oriented architecture.

Pulier also funds many non – profit making organizations. He is also a member of the X – Prize Foundation, the painted turtle and many other philanthropic organizations where he sits as a board member.

All About Brian Bonar, Leader and Executive

The world of finance has sparked a lot of curiosity lately, especially with movies like The Wolf of Wall-street. Read more to learn about another real life finance professional.

About Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar is a popular and successful finance executive. Brian Bonar is the leader of Trucept, Incorporated. He has an extensive business leadership background, having served as a leader in other companies like Dalrada Financial Corporation.

Early Life

Part of his success can be understood by his technical background; he knows how to build a business structure that really works. Brian received his Bachelor’s Degree in Technical Engineering from James Watt Technical College. He then went on to get his Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stafford University.

Business History and Accomplishments

Brian Bonar (PRNewsWire) worked for IBM as a procurement manager and then went on to be the Director of Engineering for QMS where he managed over 100 other people. He continued to manage as a Sales Manager for Adaptec. Once he got some experience under his belt, Brian started his own company called Bezier Systems.

He then worked for a few other companies before finding even more substantial success with Dalrada Financial Services where he was revered as a helpful and wonderful colleague.

Specialties and Approach

His specialties include mergers and acquisitions. He takes a creative and personable approach to life, combining the technical genius of an engineer with the creative power of an architect.

More about Brian Bonar

Brian received the Who’s Who in America in the year 2000. Brian also likes to golf, go on boating trips, and spend time with his family.

About Trucept Incorporated

You can find Brian’s managerial and creative genius in Trucept Incorporated.

What Does Trucept Do?

Trucept helps bring solutions to small (and medium) companies by completing tasks for them. One task includes helping to manage their payroll. They also help them manage their human resources administration and employee benefits. The aim is for businesses to be able to focus on the business aspect of their company and let Trucept handle the rest. They make plans and suggestions while respecting the unique qualities and work climate of every business. Trucept also provides both temporary and long term staffing solutions


Some of their services include making packages for benefits and helping companies with their taxes and payroll needs. They also help businesses maintain their human resources documents. Trucept also helps with risk management, which is an important part of starting and maintaining any successful business.

The Ideal New Jersey Apartments

New Jersey has long been a favorite destination for many people. One of the original thirteen colonies, today it is hub of commerce, industry and tourism. Many people who live in other nearby parts of the area such as Philadelphia and New York City like to visit New Jersey to do activities such as attending an amusement park and visiting the area’s many public beaches. Millions of people have also chosen to make this area of the world their home. Doing so can allow them ot easily commute to another part of the region while helping to reduce their housing costs.

Renting a New Jersey apartment can allow the renter to stay in the region yet reduce their overall housing costs. An apartment in Manhhattan can be extremely expensive. Renting an apartment in nearby Hoboken or Fort Lee may be available at a faction of the cost that a similar apartment would go for in midtown. Many New Jersey apartments offer residents that include advantages such as plentiful local transport options right into the heart of Manhattan while allowing the renter access to a parking space and pleasant amenities such as a pool or a well tended outdoor garden space.

Those who are living in central New Jersey will find that doing so allows many advantages as well such as access to excellent universities such as Rutgers and Princeton. An apartment building such as The Aspire contains those New Brunswick luxury rentals in the prime of New Jersey. Central New Jersey has many other regional amenities such as access to the beaches of coastal New Jersey and a region that is noted for providing jobs in areas such as pharmaceutical development where employment opportunities are likely to remain plentiful both in the near future and in the long term.

Many apartments in this area offer both short term rentals and leases that may allow the renter to stay for a longer period of time. Someone who is only going to be here for a short period of time will want a lease that allows for maximum flexibility in case they need to return home quickly. Another person may be here for at least a year for business purposes. In that case, they will want to look for New Jersey apartments that let them stay in the space for as long as they need to remain in the area.

The Man with the Mind for Business

Eric Pulier, based in Los Angeles, California, is an American entrepreneur. In addition to being an entrepreneur, Pulier is also an author and a renowned philanthropist. his successful life as an entrepreneur started in Teaneck, New Jersey, the place he was born and raised in. Ever since the fourth grade, Pulier has been taking part in computer programing. Pulier even was able to startup a database company when he was in high school.

Pulier’s success story is from luck but instead from his talent at being a hard worker. By 1984, Pulier has entered Harvard University where he studied English and American Literature. Eric Pulier was even an editor for the Harvard Crimson. While being an editor at the prestigious newspaper, he wrote several columns. Pulier even took classes at MIT and later graduated in 1988.

After his successful for years at college, Pulier went on to do bigger and greater things. In 1991, Pulier moved to Los Angeles where he founded People Doing Things. This particular company helped address issues such as health care, education, as well as many other problems. All of these issues were addressed through technology. In addition to his first company, Pulier also, in 1994, founded Digital Evolution. His mission was not only to build things for those that were technologically competent but to build technology for all. Pulier even went on to create a private social network for chronically ill children. In this social network, these children can chat, blog, post content, as well as do many other cool things.

By 1997, Eric Pulier’s success had only continued to increase rapidly. Pulier was chosen to create and execute the Presidential Technology Exhibition that took place in Washington D.C. This exhibition would be called “The Bridge to the 21st Century”. After this exhibition, Pulier even was able to serve under Vice President Al Gore’s health care and technology forum. This forum would give advice on health care as well as technology initiatives.

Not only a successful businessman but also a contributing philanthropist. Eric Pulier has been known to donate a substantial amount to several non-profit organizations. Pulier is the founder of many successful companies such as Desktone, Media Platform, and many others. With his great success comes his great obligation to teach his knowledge to others who can use it in order to live a happier and efficient life. Eric Pulier will continue being a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist for years to come.

Facebook to Kill Flash

When Facebook make any type of announcement, usually the world pays very close attention. The social media giant announced today they are tired of waiting for the Flash to upgrade and fix all the holes in their system. Facebook wants to kill Flash and move forward instead of sitting idly by as Flash falls deeper in the hole with more vulnerabilities. This week marked a new age with how companies are dealing with Flash.

Mozilla decided this week that they will no longer allow Flash to run automatically on Firefox. Zeca Oliveira (Wikipedia) agrees that the problems are just getting too frequent, so Mozilla disabled the plugin, and now if a user wants to see a video or use the tool, they must fist press a button to agree that the tool does have vulnerabilities and to proceed at their own risk. This extra step eliminates Flash from automatically opening on Firefox pages, and the world is taking notice.

Facebook is not willing to put the security of their customers at risk any longer and has demanded Flash either come up with a concrete time frame for a permanent fix, or Facebook is going to find an alternative solution. This means other companies are chomping at the bit to take over the top spot and knock Flash off that perch. Companies like Microsoft’s SilverLight is one alternative, but others are gladly lining up to get into the arena for those valued customers.

New York City Apartments In A New York Minute

When the Eagles sang their song, “New York Minute” you understood that “everything can change” and “things can get pretty strange” in a “New York Minute.” New York City is always pushing the boundaries whether it is time, nightlife, restaurants, festivals, shopping, sports or apartments and real estate. No wonder it is hard to get bored in New York City, especially in a “New York Minute.”

New Yorkers view their city through perpetual rose-colored glasses, they love their city, and that honeymoon sentiment extends to NYC apartments and real estate. Whether it is a narrow building with narrow apartments or buildings with apartments one thousand feet in the air, New York has it all and New Yorkers love it all. The best advice when you make the decision to live in New York City is to “do your homework,” do not be afraid to ask questions or get advice from professionals whose expertise is in the business of finding apartments. One professional marketing and leasing company to look to as you apartment hunt is Town Residential. Town Residential, an integral part of the NYC apartments for rent landscape, provides top-level services and expertise to their clients in all price-points.

If square footage or a large living space is your most important criteria, think about this. According to National Geographic, who did the math on this, if everyone in the world stood shoulder to shoulder, we would all fit in Los Angeles. You may not think this is useful information, but it does illustrate that there is plenty of room to go around. New York City apartments are no different. Look around and you will find ample misused space. Put things under the bed, it is generally wasted space. Seating should always be storage space and walls can hold shelves way above your head. The bottom line, if you find an apartment that has everything on your list – celebrate! However, the perfect place can be any place as long as you are creative.

Where ever you decide to settle down, ask questions, or look to the professionals for answers. Is the apartment convenient or close to transportation? What are your restaurant or market options? If you have children, what are the schools like? How safe is the neighborhood? If you have a car, how easy is it to find parking. Most professionals advise apartment hunters to begin at least a month in advance and early in the month. Expect broker fees, although some landlords do pay the fees, and don’t be surprised by sticker shock, if you are from Florida you are in for a huge shock, but if you are from Hong Kong, it will be a nice surprise.

Emerging Technology: Communicating Through Images

Technology that allows computers to recognize images has been around for awhile. Many movies have featured military scenarios that use lasers to target a specific object. The jargon most often used is “painting the target”, which is just another way of saying, recognizing the image. Another often used scenario involves security, for example, placing one’s thumb or eyeball, or someone else’s thumb or eyeball, in the case of the bad guys, to be scanned for identification. Business applications of image recognition currently in use include: quality inspection, sorting by size and shape, and barcodes. This type of technology now seems poised to move to the next level.
Smart-phone cameras combined with people’s eagerness to embrace new technology have highlighted an opportunity, and helped push the development of image recognition technology into the mainstream. Applications are emerging that will add another dimension to the way people interact with the world. Imagine a car enthusiast having coffee in an outdoor cafe. A new model car parks across the street instantly awakening a desire for details. Using the smart-phone camera, plus an image recognition application, means that one click of the camera and information about this exciting new car is available. Another customer at the cafe is reading a magazine and finds an advertisement for a pair of gloves at a reduced price. Once again, out comes the smart-phone camera: click, shop, price compare, purchase, and smile. These are two examples of the possibilities with image recognition technology. Some well known companies have already developed useful applications, and continue to study the potential. One company leading the way in developing the uses of this technology is Slyce.
Slyce has developed a proprietary visual search technology. The company partners with retailers and uses this technology to provide timely information to their customers. Customers can capture an image of any product seen in reality, and use that image to identify and shop for the item online. Customers do not need a name, barcode, web-address or any other identifying detail to begin a search. All that is needed is an image. How cool is that?