Facebook to Kill Flash

When Facebook make any type of announcement, usually the world pays very close attention. The social media giant announced today they are tired of waiting for the Flash to upgrade and fix all the holes in their system. Facebook wants to kill Flash and move forward instead of sitting idly by as Flash falls deeper in the hole with more vulnerabilities. This week marked a new age with how companies are dealing with Flash.

Mozilla decided this week that they will no longer allow Flash to run automatically on Firefox. Zeca Oliveira (Wikipedia) agrees that the problems are just getting too frequent, so Mozilla disabled the plugin, and now if a user wants to see a video or use the tool, they must fist press a button to agree that the tool does have vulnerabilities and to proceed at their own risk. This extra step eliminates Flash from automatically opening on Firefox pages, and the world is taking notice.

Facebook is not willing to put the security of their customers at risk any longer and has demanded Flash either come up with a concrete time frame for a permanent fix, or Facebook is going to find an alternative solution. This means other companies are chomping at the bit to take over the top spot and knock Flash off that perch. Companies like Microsoft’s SilverLight is one alternative, but others are gladly lining up to get into the arena for those valued customers.

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