Product Recognition Technology Can Change The Way We Shop

Introducing Product Recognition Technology, A New Method of Shopping for What You Want

An emerging new technology called product recognition technology may be well on its way to revolutionizing the way people shop. This innovative new technology allows a person to purchase items without being in a store and without having to use visual search for a product online for hours. How could this be you may wonder? With product recognition technology a person only has to snap a picture of an item they want or are curious about with their smartphone. Product recognition technology will then analyze the item in the picture and come up with a matching product or a closely related match.

After a photograph of an item that has grabbed your interest is taken and processed by a product recognition app on a smartphone, a wealth of information is revealed to you about that specific item. Information such as the product name, brand, the price, colors and styles available and more. Product recognition technology will also reveal where the item can be purchased and whether it is available for purchase online. With this new exciting technology if you see something you like, just snap a picture of it and you can literally buy it almost instantly. This new technology has transformed taking pictures into a new shopping method for thousands of products.

Who is Behind Product Recognition Technology and how Does it Function?

A pioneer in developing product recognition technology for shopping and more is a company called Slyce. It addition to developing a free app product recognition technology app for consumers, Slyce is also working to create recognition technologies for coupons and physical advertisements. The idea behind combing product recongition technology and coupons is that with this new technology you will be able to use “carry” your store coupons from the convenience of your smartphone. No more forgetting coupons at home, you can scan them and bring them with you anywhere with your smart phone with a new app called SnipSnap from Slyce. Just snap a photo of your coupons and let the sales associate it scan it from your phone. It is that easy.

Product recognition technology works in much the same way as bio metrics recognition systems. It analyzes the physical characteristics of an item such as its color, markings, designs, textures and luster and compares it to products in a database. If characteristics are the same or very similar to a product in the database, a match or related product is given to the user of the product recognition technology app.

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