Messi Criticized by the Human Rights Foundation, and You Can’t Blame ‘Em

A month after being accused of attending a state function in Gabon wearing dirty jeans, Lionel Messi has come under attack again. Trouble seems to the following the Barcelona man everywhere since his unexpected visit to Gabon. Earlier, Messi attended a state function to launch the building of a stadium in Gabon. He was to lay the fist stone as the construction was just beginning. Unfortunately, he was not aware that all eyes were on him. When he left the country, multitudes of attacks began flying towards him. The Opposition party in Gabon accused Messi of visiting a state function in a dirty jeans and a t-shirt. They said that he walked in like a man going to a zoo. To them, Messi had no regard for the state. To date, there rages debate of exactly what Messi went for in Gabon, just days before the pre-season tour with Barcelona began.

On the same note, allegations surfaced that the Barcelona forward was paid a seven-figure fee, in dollars, just to appear in Gabon. It is a move by President Ali Bongo to gain political mileage. The event was live on state television and used as a tool for internal propaganda.

The Human Rights Foundation is a non-profit making organization whose primary objective is to guarantee people their fundamental rights. Dictatorial governments usually squash Basic freedoms and wishes of the people. The HRF corrects the wrong in society and shouts loud to create awareness, often voicing its opinion on Twitter. The organization works closely with other organizations with the same objectives in other countries. It came to fame after people discovered that some countries are oppressing their people, and media freedom is limited.

The US-based Human Rights Foundation criticized Messi for causing confusion over his character. Messi is an ambassador for UNICEF in support of children education. However, Gabon has seen ritualistic child murders, which the government has refused to investigate. It is paradoxical for Messi to attend an event, at the invitation of a man whose government is doing injustice to children. It is an act that undermines his foundation. The Barcelona attacker showed unwavering support for the president and his projects. As stated by Naij News, Messi, and his management could not learn from the public humiliations Kanye West and Jennifer Lopez endured recently.

The Bongo family has ruled Gabon since 1967, with former President Omar Bongo ruling for 47 years. What is unfortunate is that his son, Ali Bongo, has continued from where the father left. He runs a dictatorial kind of government where opposition leaders disappear, and the media is afraid to report on television. Children get killed for rituals in Gabon due to the belief that it increases power, control, and influence. Therefore, the HRF discredited Messi for partying and publicly supporting a man whose country is facing public injustice. It is like Messi does not even understand President Ali Bongo.

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