I Love My Dog A Lot, And That’s Why I Feed Him Beneful

Dogs can be great pets if you take care of them properly, and that’s what I plan to do with my dog. I have the greatest story ever when it comes to my dog, and it’s the biggest reason I treat him like one of the family. Although I always loved my dogs like family members, one dog, in particular, is the one I absolutely couldn’t live without. When I say I couldn’t live without him, I mean literally because he saved my life. It’s funny, but dogs know when a person has low blood sugar, and my dog isn’t even a service dog, but he was able to sense my low blood sugar.

I had been working in the garden all day, and I couldn’t seem to stop because I wanted to dig several holes for my new plants that were coming in. I had been out there for hours in the sun, and I forgot that I needed to eat something. Usually, I’ll even have orange juice or lemonade or something refreshing that’s sweet, so I can keep up my blood sugar. I did absolutely nothing but garden all day, and that’s when I finally passed out. I remember very little about the incident.

When I woke up in the back of the ambulance, I started asking what happened, and they told me that my blood sugar had been incredibly low. I started to reject that theory because I swore that I drank something, but when I remembered, I knew I hadn’t. They said if it weren’t for my dog, they never would have known to come and rescue me. My dog had alerted a neighbor, who then alerted the police. After this incident, I put that dog on a pedestal.

I always bought that dog anything he wanted, and I always made sure that he had the best food as well. The other dogs in my home belonged to the other family members I live with, and I love them, but my dog, in particular, was the one that I cherished. When it comes to giving him the right nutrition, I’ll only give him Beneful because I want him to be healthy and have nutritious food. I’ve tried other dog foods out there, and only Beneful has wholesome ingredients that I could call good food.

Even if I’m giving my dog treats, he’ll only get Beneful treats, and that’s because of the same nutrition value that they have as well as the fact that my dog absolutely loves how they taste. I couldn’t think of a better dog food than Beneful, and I’ve been feeding it to my pet for years. It’s not just because I love my dog why I feed him Beneful, but it’s also because my veterinarian recommended it as well. I’m going to keep loving and caring for my dog, and I’m sure that he’ll keep loving and caring for me as well.

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