Why Dan Newlin Is Arguably The Best Personal Injury Attorney In The U.S

Lawyer Dan Newlin together with his team of qualified and professional lawyers are one of the few firms that have been able to achieve the Super Lawyer Firm recognition. In Florida alone where they are headquartered, less than five percent of all lawyers and firms have this dignified acknowledgement. Dan Newlin is not new to law enforcement. At only 20 years, he began working for the Indiana Fire and Police Department. He was later promoted to work in the County Sheriff’s Department for ten years and earned the highest rank of Sheriff’s Detective.

He worked numerous police details, including auto theft details and narcotics. He was assigned to work in the Fugitive Division as a detective and helped apprehend hundreds of dangerous fugitives. He also received many awards for providing exemplary commitment while on duty, and was awarded by the United States Marshall’s Office.

Dan was accepted to law school in 1997 and graduated in 2000. He is licensed to practice in Chicago and Illinois, and he has offices in both locations providing top-notch legal services. This attorney is well known for his fierce fight for his clients. He has been able to recover more than 150 million dollars combined for his accident and injury victims to date. He has also seen a tremendous growth in his offices coming from just a secretary and a small office to a modern boutique-styled law office that serves all of Illinois and Florida.

His team of more than 18 experienced lawyers provides top notch personalized legal services. Dan’s employees combined are over 75, and they focus on personal injury, wrongful death, construction accidents, truck accidents, medical negligence, motorcycle accidents as well as clients who are wrongfully charged with criminal offences. He prides himself and his team for providing the best legal services that are guided by excellence.

To make it much easier for potential clients to get in touch with his office, he has introduced a new abbreviated dial code #Dan. Rather than having to keep ten numeric digits in mind, clients can use the hashtag just like they do in social media and get in touch with him. To get the unique code, Dan had to engage with four main telecommunication companies for not less than 18 months. Dan Newlin was also written about by Avvo.com

Newlin is truly a professional who stays afloat of new technologies and ideas to improve service delivery. He is also involved in philanthropic activities notably the Miracle Project where he teams with former boxing champion Evander Holifield to encourage children battling cancer at the Arnold Palmer’s Children Hospital. If his experience and successful portfolio are anything to go by, Dan is no doubt the best personal injury attorney in the U.S at the moment.

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