FreedomPop Gaining Popularity

Freedom Pop founded in 2012 based in Los Angeles is a discount wireless start-up and has raised $30 million in funding from investors in Europe and the U.S. Using Sprint’s network wholesale unit partnership, expects to generate $50 million in revenue this year. CEO Stephen Stokols said he plans to use the revenue to pursue new markets in Europe and Latin America and expand here in the U.S. He also said that Freedom Pop will introduce in 15 U.S. markets and U.K. by the end of the year a roaming SIM card providing free data for travelers.

With 500MB you can browse Facebook, check your email, or order an item online without any any worry. However, if you stream music or video, 2GB will not be enough, you will need more data to purchase. Their plans range from from 2GB to 4GB you should be able to find a plan that is suitable to your lifestyle, in any case their rates are far cheaper than what’s offered by their competitors.

The company’s free plan for phones includes 500MB of data, 200 minutes of VOIP calling and 500 messages. There’s also $20/month plan with unlimited calls, messaging and data. FreedomPop also offers free unlimited texts and calls between FreedomPop users.

FreedomPop has introduced the JetSetter SIM with 100% free data across the globe for subscribers in the U.K., France and Spain. Recently, FreedomPop pushed out access to nearly 10 million hotspots for its U.S. customers who need to pay a fee of $5 each month to avail of this Wi-Fi hotspot service.

FreedomPop is committed to offering basic levels of mobile service 100% free. They believe mobile access is a right and not a privilege. The company also feels if you need more than basic, they hope you will upgrade and the price would still be below the market rates.

If you are wondering how can FreedomPop afford giving out free services, they are able to recuperate some of those monies with the help of add on features such as monthly data allotment, data rollover plan, or even sign up for an international number that will allow the person to make international calls without paying the expensive international rates.

Newark to Benefit from Tested Real Estate Model


Newark, New Jersey – Newark could soon benefit from the positive results of a real estate model tested in Jersey City and New Brunswick, according to a recent article published through NJ Biz. The success in those other cities came as a result of multiple developments in the works at the same time. Newark now has 10 major commercial real estate projects going now. That is good news for the city, which needs the positive economic boon that will follow.Boraie Development is building one of the new projects, a 168-unit high-rise. The firm’s executive vice-president, Wasseem Boraie notes the importance of simultaneous development in the city, “Residential consumers are not going to come to a huge city for one project.” For too long, the city hoped to draw new interest through the construction of enormous, stand alone developments. However, it proved to be insufficient, no matter how large the project was. 

Companies like Boraie Development have built a successful strategy for revitalizing cities with their multi-project approach. Omar Boraie, the company founder, brought his vision of economic development with him from his travels in Europe forty years ago. In 1972 the Egyptian immigrant bought 21 vacant lots in New Brunswick and went to the city fathers with a plan to develop the site. Although they thought it was unorthodox, he proved his idea by eventually developing three Class A office towers. The elder Boraie also learned that one project could inspire another and once multiple projects are underway a snowball effect takes off and city growth explodes.

The recent Newark CRE Summit was abuzz with excitement about simultaneous development and the options it will provide. The States’ largest city is set to experience growth that it has missed for a number of years. Boraie Development and others are thankful for the opportunity and confident the city will benefit. Wasseem Boarie said, “The thing that the administration is doing very smartly now… (is that) there are going to be choices.” And choices will bring new residents who will stimulate the economy.

Writing a New Wikipedia Article

Wikipedia has become a go-to resource for many people looking for information on a variety of topics. While Wikipedia has articles on a vast array of topics, at times you may come across a subject that isn’t well covered. Some people decide to try their hand at creating content by creating a new article. If this is you, here are some guidelines to get your started.

One of the primary requirements of new Wikipedia articles is that the subject be noteworthy. This means that not every topic is considered eligible for coverage on Wikipedia. While it may be fun to imagine a personal page on Wikipedia, the average person likely does not qualify as a subject worthy of notice to the larger internet community.

When documenting new information make sure that you have credible references you can cite within your article. You want your information to be fact based and not based on hearsay, conjecture or personal opinion. An example of credible sources may include dictionaries, credible news organizations, other encyclopedias and medical journals.

While creating your article with material from your references make sure you are not violating any copyright or plagiarism laws. Keep direct quotes brief and provide inline citations. Make sure all sources are properly cited.

Additionally, make sure you have a significant amount of information to share. Articles that are only one or two sentences long may not be notable enough to remain as a Wikipedia page.

Avoid promotional content such as advertising the services of a business you operate. Wikipedia is not an advertising platform. Anything that appears to be promotional in nature will be removed but, however I read on GetYourWiki that there are ways to make a Wikipedia business page.

Further, any material considered to controversial in nature is not permitted. This can involve material advocating a particular point-of-view on a subject. Articles cannot be considered biased on an issue.

Finally, make sure your content is well organized. Use proper punctuation and sentence structure. Separate your information into proper paragraphs. Use headings and subheadings to make your material more readable.

These guidelines are designed to provide a solid starting point for the creation of your article. By meeting these guidelines you have a stronger chance of having your article accepted. When in doubt, refer to Wikipedia’s Help resources for more information.