Advertising Games in Brazil

Another product that can easily be advertised is games. However, video games have quickly grown from when they were first invented. While as much as little as twenty years ago, all that was needed in order to advertise video games successfully was to appeal to the demographic that simply played video games. Nowadays, games have become so advanced that it is not enough, especially in Brazil. When one advertises a video game, he must figure out the category of the game and the target audience for that category. He must then create the type of ad campaign for the game.

When one advertises for a game, it is important to bring a lot of appeal for it. One thing that is usually effective for a video game is a little bit of comedy. This does not mean that one has to be over the top funny to sell a game. However, it is good to be able to use some kind of clever wit depending on the type of game being sold so that people might get the impression that the game is creative, innovative and clever. Few people can actually pull that off.

Among the few people that could be very creative and clever with advertising is Claudio Loureiro. He advertises a wide range of products through Heads Propaganda. He has plenty of experience under his belt as he experienced the changes in the advertising industry, especially with the use of the Internet. The Internet has made it possible for Claudio to explore ways of bringing some kind of interactivity to the advertisement. Interesting thing is that video games are very interactive in nature. The interaction with the ads would be very suitable for video games of any kind being advertised. This is what brings more companies to the service of Heads Popaganda.

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