Law Practice in Brazil

For people to co – exist peacefully in a society, there must be law to be followed. These law are very essential because they ensure that every person is entitled to his own space and that anybody who might try to cross that will have to face the whole wrath of the set law. Law are not the same in all the countries since the legitimate organ vary between countries. These laws are always made to cater for the needs of the society and address the gaps that might be there and it is therefore not easy to have laws that are the same in all the countries since the needs and their problems are different. The people who are trained so that they can help the judges to solve disputes that may come up when people go against these law are the Lawyers. These Lawyers must be very conversant with the law so that they can represent their client in courts well. The Brazilian Legal system is very well known since the lawyers and the judges are very active especially when they are handling their duties.

Among the lawyer in Brazil who have made their name from law is Ricardo Tosto Oliveira Carvalho. His career began from a small office before he moved to the biggest law firm in Brazil. The law firm that he leads is is referred to as Leite, Tosto e Barros that is well known and among the leading law firm in Brazil. His expertise in economic law is what has made him to be well known across the country. He has been very instrumental in helping the government formulate laws that regard the same. His other areas of law that he is invoved in is litigation, bankruptcy proceedings and conveyancing. He is a very good mentor to his juniors who also become the best after being associated with him. Majority of his partners began as interns and have grown through the professional ladder to become his partners. He is currently attracting a lot of clients since he has made a name for himself and also his firm.

In Brazil law training is seen to be very demanding since it one has to first attain a degree which is then followed by other exams that are referred to as bar exams. It is after passing this exam that you are issued with a certificate after which you can now start practicing. During the training a learner is given to an experienced lawyer who give them practical duties as a way of training them.

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